For the majority of Fixer Upper fans, myself included, a visit from Chip and Joanna Gaines is merely a dream. Thankfully--after watching countless episodes, of course--there are some no-fail design tricks I've picked up along the way. Try some or try them all to transform you home into a rustic, modern beauty that Joanna would be proud of!


Go for Open Concept

When watching the show, you can almost guarantee that Joanna will suggest knocking down interior walls. Open concepts are very popular these days among homeowners, no matter what their design style may be. For Joanna's modern farmhouse style, it's perfect. Not only does it look nice, it feels welcoming and makes the home's square footage more usable.

Bring in Dramatic Lighting

Lighting is an essential component of any interior design style. With farmhouse, however, the more layers of lighting the better. Recessed lighting is great, but if budget allows, dramatic additions, such as vintage pendants, rustic chandeliers, or antique-looking sconces, can make all the difference.

Add Subtle Pops of Color

Without a doubt, neutral colors are the foundation for modern farmhouse style--but this doesn't mean the interiors are boring. Joanna really does like color--and we can see that by the subtle touches of it that she brings into the design. From something unexpected, like gray grout between white tiles, to something a bit more obvious, such as eye-catching hues on pillows and rugs, Joanna keeps the space interesting.

Be Creative with Old Materials

Joanna has many amazing design talents, but my favorite is how creative she gets with the old materials most of us average Joes would pitch to the curb. It's easy to peruse the thrift or antique shop for items, but how many of us would actually know what to do with them? Thankfully, we can binge watch Fixer Upper episodes or visit websites like Pinterest for inspiration.

Bring the Outdoors In

There are a variety of things that add softness to a rustic farmhouse-styled interior, and greenery is one of them. Whether you create an indoor atrium, or simply scatter some potted plants throughout the home, greenery is a surefire way to bring in those natural elements Chip and Joanna are such fans of.