Marriage is certainly an exciting time--but when it comes to moving into your first place, some small challenges may arise if your decorating styles don't mesh together as well as the two of you do. Don't despair! You won't always see eye-to-eye when it comes to design decisions--and that's okay. By following these tips, you and your significant other can design a space that makes both of you feel at home.

Addison area Fabrics Store Marrying Design Styles with Your Significant Other

Communicate clearly and be open to compromise.

It's as simple as this: no communication + no compromise = no progress. Sit down and have an open discussion about what each of you wants from your home. How do you want it to look and feel? Are there items you must keep because they have sentimental value? What types of spaces are most important to you? Being able to talk about things like this doesn't have to be hard if you're both willing to be open, honest and flexible.

Try it before you toss it.

Before you decide to start with a clean slate, try a variety of layouts with what the two of you currently have. Let them sit in place for a while. Believe it or not, your items may look better in person than they do in your head. Even if something isn't your favorite, it may grow on you just enough to keep it.

Go shopping together.

The two of you are now one, so it only makes sense to buy furnishings and decor as a couple. Shopping together essentially keeps the scale balanced, so to speak, in that one partner's style is less likely to dominate the other. Additionally, pieces you purchase together will have much more meaning than ones you buy on your own.

Think eclectically.

An eclectic design style is perfect for a couple who have differing views when it comes to decor. By mixing metals, textures, patterns and styles, you'll be giving your home a unique look that suits both of you. So many elements can work together, representing both masculine and feminine styles. All you have to do is try!

Practice kindness and patience.

It's always good to practice kindness and patience in any relationship, but this is especially important in a marriage. Don't rush to insult your significant other's tastes just because you don't like them. Talk about any decor issues that are really weighing on you but remember--your S.O. always trumps stuff.

Regarding patience, creating a personalized home that suits you both will take time. Avoid rushing to furnish it immediately. Instead, let your home evolve naturally, even if it takes a few years. In the end, when your home is just how you want it, you can acknowledge how worthwhile the process really was.