Winter doesn’t always have to be miserable and cold. In fact, one of the best things about winter is finding ways to get warm and cozy. Whether it’s layering your clothing or sipping a hot beverage, there are ways to make winter enjoyable— well, at least bearable

Another way to embrace the season is to make sure you prepare your home to embrace it right along with you (Operation Nice-and-Cozy has a nice ring, doesn’t it?). And honestly, doing so is easier than you might realize. Oftentimes, all it takes is fabric— specifically, rich fabrics. 

The Five Best Fabrics to Use for Winter Decorating Allen Tx Fabrics

Accent pillows, throws, draperies, blankets, bedding, and even table linens made from luxurious fabrics can take the chill out of any room. Here are our top picks for the best luxurious fabrics to use in your winter decorating.


Organza is a lightweight, shiny, and sheer fabric that has many versatile and decorative uses. 

Because it is primarily made of silk, organza can be a bit of an investment. With that said, you can find less expensive versions made from synthetic fibers, such as polyester and nylon. 

One important characteristic of organza is the small holes that run throughout the fabric. These holes are actually the spaces between the warp and weft thread in the plain-weave pattern. When it comes to quality, it is defined by the number of holes per inch. The more holes, the better the fabric. 

While this rich fabric is fairly versatile, it is an ideal choice for sheer drapes or items such as napkins.


Often confused with organza, organdy is made from cotton, rather than silk. This textile is semi-transparent and somewhat delicate. Its luster isn't quite as great as organza, but it is still an excellent choice because of its crispness. With that said, organdy can wrinkle easily— but it layers well. This particular quality makes organdy an ideal choice for window treatments.

If you’re feeling extra festive, try something a bit more creative and dramatic, such as topping off your holiday gifts with some handmade organdy bows! 

Faux Fur

Faux fur (fake fur) is any textile fabric that is designed to resemble real fur. This material is usually crafted from synthetic fibers that are processed and made to match the appearance of different types of animal fur. 

Originally, faux fur came onto the scene as a way for people to emulate the upper class— without having to take on the high price tag. Later on, faux fur gained even more popularity largely in part to animal activists who spoke out against animal cruelty. Today, many designers actively promote the use of faux fur for this very reason. 

In addition to being visually appealing with its warmth and texture, faux fur comes in a wide variety of options. Many come in different colors and also mimic the true look of several different types of animals. 


Since the Industrial Revolution, velvet is much easier to acquire. This fabric, made from both natural and synthetic fibers, has been a popular choice for draperies and upholstery fabric for years. While those are two no-fail uses, velvet can be used in other ways. Consider upping the drama in your dining room with a velvet runner or tablecloth. You could even use velvet as a slipcover for your chairs.

To learn more about velvet, including types, pros, cons, uses, and care read our blog Velvet: A Fabric to Love


Silk is one of the most beautiful fabrics you can incorporate into your home. This decadent natural fiber has a knack for adding a touch of luxury to any room. Since silk expertly absorbs moisture, it is a fabric that can be used throughout the warmer months as well. For winter, consider a silk duvet cover paired with some velvet throw pillows.


Produced from Cashmere goats and Pashmina goats, cashmere is considered one of the softest and most luxurious forms of wool. At one time, this fabric was predominantly used for clothing— largely in part to its dense yet thin, soft, and almost silk-like fibers. Today, however, it is regularly found in home decor. Cashmere blankets, throws, and duvet covers in warm, soothing earth tones are an excellent way to keep the cold at bay.

Stay Cozy With Fabric

It doesn't matter if you use these fabrics in abundance or sparingly. Incorporating any of these in big ways or small ways into your home will make those long winter months much more bearable. Not only will your home feel especially cozy, but it'll also look great as well.

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