The ottoman has come a long way over the years. At one time, it was just a little footstool that accompanied a comfortable chair. But in today’s decor, the ottoman has become a multifunctional piece that can be used as storage, extra seating, and even a coffee table. The right ottoman can even be the showstopper of a room, elevating it by adding a punch of color or personality. From small ones to oversized ones, an upholstered ottoman might be that one piece you’ve been looking for. Here are 10 ways you can decorate with ottomans.

The Upholstered Ottoman Much More Than Just a Footstool Allen Custom Fabric

1. To add color

An ottoman can be an excellent way of adding a pop of color to a room, whether it’s subdued in color or whether you simply want to reinforce a color that’s already present. To have it work well within the space, pick a color that pairs nicely.

2. To create contrast

On the flip side, if your room is saturated in one main color, an ottoman can provide just enough contrast to break it up. Adding throw pillows that share a similar color can be a good way to tie it into the space better.

3. As a table

Ottomans come in a variety of sizes--and because of this, they can be used as different types of tables. Taller, narrow ottomans make beautiful side tables while shorter, wider ottomans can work well as a coffee table.  

4. As a vanity chair

Rather than using traditional vanity seating, consider using an ottoman. In addition to being a space-saving option (most can easily be tucked away under the vanity), they provide a fun, yet classy look.

5. For storage

More and more ottomans are doubling as storage options. Need extra space to tuck away throws, board games, or other accents? There’s an ottoman for that!

6. For shared-space seating

Many homes today are gravitating toward great room options, which means extra seating is important. Ottomans can be that solution. In addition to being easily movable, ottomans can be found in unlimited colors, textures, and patterns, which is important if you want them to unify your current decor scheme. In addition to a large ottoman, you might also want to consider a couple of smaller ones that can easily be tucked away under a table.

7. As a bookshelf

Did you know that some ottomans have shelving beneath? This can be a fun twist on using your ottoman for storage. The shelf can be perfect for holding magazines, coffee table books, or baskets.

8. As seating in dining areas

An ottoman (or two) can offer comfort and beauty to areas such as the dining room, kitchen, or breakfast nook. You’ll just want to make sure to pick a fabric that can stand up to those occasional (or not-so-occasional) spills.

9. End-of-bed bench

If space allows, consider adding a longer ottoman to the foot of your bed. It can be a great way to add color, class, and seating to a bedroom. If you have an upholstered headboard, consider having the ottoman covered in the same fabric to tie the decor together.

10. As a footrest

Let’s face it, some traditions never die. At the end of the day, an ottoman remains the classic footrest. So why not use it as such? If using it as a traditional footrest, you can either have it match the seating or have it covered in a fabric that provides a nice bit of contrast.

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