There's so much more to bedding than the simple function of keeping us warm and cozy in bed. Bedding is actually a pretty important element of a well put-together room. Not only does the right bedding give you the chance to express yourself through color, pattern, and texture, the right bedding provides a focalpoint that makes the entire space feel more personal and inviting. Looking at bedding can be fun, but after awhile, it can become tiresome (excuse the pun)--especially if you have no idea what your bedding style is. Here are some ideas that may help you narrow down what will work best for you and your space.


Classic & Crisp

Classic bedding includes anything from plaid and pinstripes to something solid with minimal detailing. Even a variety of geometrics and florals fall into this grouping. Think preppy and traditional. But this doesn't mean you have to play it safe with neutrals. You can certainly add some excitement by opting for classic prints in a variety of different colors. If you do prefer neutrals, however, throw in pops of color on top to keep it fresh and interesting.

Eclectic & Fun

To me, eclectic style equates to fun. If you have a quirky personality and love a mix-match of things, then this approach to bedding is probably ideal for you. Be carefree in choosing the colors and patterns that appeal to you most. If they blend together, great--if not, it's no big deal.

Calm & Collected

Whether you're a romantic or simply someone who craves the calm after a busy day, bedding that features soft pastel colors and simple patterns may be exactly what you need. To enhance peace and calming, stick with patterns of small scale. When it comes to colors, think creamy whites, pale gray, or anything subdued. There's no shortage of relaxing hues to choose from that will fill your space with the calm and soothing ambiance you long for.

Flexible & Versatile

Are you someone who enjoys changing up your interior along with the seasons? If so, then you will probably benefit from versatile layers that allow you to have the flexibility of change you like to have. Lightweight quilts for summer and heavier duvets for winter--feel free to embrace a different style theme for each season.

Simple & Minimalistic

The minimalistic approach is all about keeping it simple. If you like a neat and serene space, you can easily maintain that idea by opting for using a few pops of color and/or pattern for impact. Create a nice contrast by pairing fun sheets with a solid comforter or vice versa. When the bedding doesn't have to compete with the surrounding decor, it doesn't take much to create a stunning focal point.

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