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  1. Fun DIY Fabric Projects

    Fun DIY Fabric Projects
    Fabrics are an essential part of a home’s decor, with each type meant to fulfill a specific purpose. Some fabrics are meant to be showcased in more formal settings while others are perfectly designed for casual, high-traffic areas. And while you can certainly focus all your attention on upholstery, the realm of fabric is much […]
  2. 10 Ways to Make an Impact with Color

    10 Ways to Make an Impact with Color
    Color. It’s that one thing many homeowners are afraid to tackle when it comes to decorating their homes. Sure, it can be easy to love a paint chip or fabric sample— but it's applying it to real-life that becomes the challenge. The good news is that color isn't something that has to be all or […]
  3. Fabrics & Trim: Give Your Home Personal Polish

    Fabrics & Trim: Give Your Home Personal Polish
    When it comes to home decorating, nice furniture and color schemes only go so far. If you want to truly make a house a home, it takes those personal touches. Personal touches are what allow you to put your stamp on a place, making it completely unique to your personality and style. Let's take a […]
  4. 5 Smart Home Decorating Projects Worthy of Your Tax Refund

    5 Smart Home Decorating Projects Worthy of Your Tax Refund
    Doing taxes isn't exactly what I'd called an enjoyable task. There can be, however, a silver lining: a little extra cash back in your pocket. If you received a refund this year, you may be wondering how to spend it. Tucking some into savings is always a good idea. So is paying off debt. Another […]
  5. 5 Secrets for Decorating A Kid's Room Fit for All Ages and Stages

    It's no secret that kids grow up fast--and at times, it feels almost impossible to keep up. While you can't control every aspect of their growth, you can have a hand in designing a room that will easily transition each time they reach a new stage in life. Just as stages come and go, so do […]
  6. Easy Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorations

    Making your home look festive for the holidays doesn't have to be stressful. This year, start a new tradition of substituting the expensive ready-made decorations for creative and less costly ones. A simple trip to the craft store and a stroll through your kitchen is all it really takes to make your home feel warm […]
  7. Jumpstarting a Decorating Project

    Home decorating is different for everyone. For the beginner, it can be intimidating because you don’t know where to begin. For those more experienced, it can be overwhelming because you don’t know where stop. Whatever category you fall into, the experience of decorating your home doesn’t have to be a bad one. Here we’ll look […]
  8. Outdoor Furniture Fabric Tips and Ideas

    Outdoor Furniture Fabric Tips and Ideas
    Once upon a time, the options for outdoor furniture were slim. Thankfully, we've come along way since then. Today, the options are endless, which is a good thing since outdoor decor is becoming just as important as what's going on inside. These days, it's simple to find or upholster furniture in material just as stunning […]

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