Sunroom Decoration Ideas

Sunrooms can be a welcome addition to your home because they make leisurely living possible all year long. Whether you already have a sunroom--or are considering adding one to your floorplan--here are some important elements to consider when decorating it.

1. Comfortable seating. The perfect sunroom acts as a second living room so it should be treated as such. Some popular materials of furniture include wicker, rattan, and other natural items. Thanks to the abundance of indoor-outdoor textiles, however, you can use any type of seating that suits your space, including upholstered pieces complete with plush pillows.

2. Window treatments. Even the highest quality floor-to-ceiling windows can't completely safeguard a sunroom from overheating. Therefore, curtains or shades are must-haves for the times it gets too warm. To keep it light and airy, opt for something like bamboo shades, linen curtains, or sheers.

3. Beautiful colors. Punching up the palette will make your sunroom vibrant and welcoming. And one of the easiest ways you can set that cheery mood is by fitting it with colorful rugs, pillows, upholstery, and window treatments. Keep in mind that UV rays can fade fabrics--so, to avoid this, stick with indoor-outdoor fabrics and rugs that will stand up to the sun. Paint is another way you can bring in more color. Whites are common, but colors such as turquoise, orange, yellow, and even pink also make wonderful choices.

4. Environmental controls. Sunrooms typically don't have heating or air conditioning. If possible, add a ceiling fan for air circulation and a fireplace to bring in extra warmth on cold nights.

5. Multiple purposes. If the sunroom is big enough, consider adding a dining table to the design. This will also come in handy if you're short on outdoor space or have no formal dining room. Not only will it give you more room to entertain friends and family, it'll give you more excuses to hang out in there. Have enough entertaining space? Maybe using part of the sunroom as a home office or adding a window bench would be helpful.

6. Decorations. The sunroom gives you the opportunity to display anything you may not have room for, or even want to display, in the more formal rooms of your home. Go as elegant or as whimsical as you want!

7. Simplicity. There's no reason to overthink the design or accessorizing of your sunroom. Overall, it's meant to be a space for fun and relaxation, so make sure that you keep that focus as you put it all together.