Top It Off with Trim

Did you know that adding a little extra detail, like trim, within your space can have a big impact on the entire design? It’s true! Simply incorporating trim not only rounds out a room’s design and décor, it also adds an abundance of personality. But what exactly is trim and how can it be used? Let’s take a deeper look…


When we talk about trim, we mean those finishing touches that include tassels, pom-poms, fringe, piping (cording), and nail heads. These little embellishments go a long way, and can provide beautiful textures—especially in neutral or monochromatic spaces. Even if your home’s environment is one full of color, trimmings can still push the look of your interior to new heights.

Decorating with Trim

Decorative trim can complete the look of so many things in your home: pillows, lampshades, ottomans, chairs, sofas, duvets, window treatments, headboards and much more.

  • Add a bit of whimsy to an overly sophisticated bedroom, or make kid’s bedding even more fun by putting pom-poms on some decorative pillows (note: in places with a lot of pillows don’t get overzealous—adding trim to one or two is enough)
  • Make a lampshade shine even brighter by decking it out with some beaded fringe
  • Cover a headboard in fabric and then use nail head trim to make it the focal point of the room
  • Tie back drapery with tassels for a boost of sophistication or add mini tassels to the base of Roman shades to give them a customized look
  • Sew a small bit of ruffle onto the bottom of a shower curtain to give it a feminine touch
  • Enhance the look of your dining table by attaching fringe to a plain table runner
  • Use festive braided cord to enhance your seasonal items
  • Hang a large tassel on a doorknob to dress up an entryway
  • Jazz up a boring bulletin board by gluing decorative ribbon to it in a crisscross pattern

These are just a handful of the many ways trim can be used. Not every item needs extra flair, so it’ll be up to you as to what just can’t live without it. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for new ways to apply decorative trim to your personal items—as mentioned earlier, trim can be used on more than the obvious places.

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Getting Your Furniture Arrangement Just Right

Depending on your outlook, having an empty room to fill can be seen as big opportunity or a big challenge. When there are so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Here we’ll look at some basic tips that can help you set the right tone in your space. It will probably still take you some time to get it right, but these guidelines will steer you in the right direction.


Consider the function: How will the room be used? How many people will use it? Asking and answering questions such as these will help dictate the type and amount of furnishings you’ll need.

Identify the focal point: What’s the main item you want to see in the space? In most cases, people choose a view, a fireplace or a TV as a focal point, but perhaps you’d prefer something else. If so, figure out what that is and then orient the furniture accordingly.

Think about traffic: The flow of each room is important. Without the right flow, navigating through the room can be challenging. Think about where you want the traffic to go and then place furniture that will cater to the paths you envision. If possible, don’t block paths with large pieces of furniture. Additionally, try to direct traffic around a seating area, instead of through it. If you have a path that cuts through the center of the room, then considering creating multiple seating areas, rather than one large one.

Have variety, but balance it: Variety in a space to makes it interesting, it needs to be balanced. There are two types of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical is most common, being that it is two of everything (of the same size) in the design. Asymmetry, although a bit more challenging, can bring a bit more excitement into the space when done right. If you have a large or tall item in the room, balance it out by placing another object of similar size/height across the room. You can even use artwork on an opposite wall to create visual balance.

Plan it out: Before you do any purchasing or moving, test out your ideas on paper. Create a rough sketch of windows, doors, etc, and note your room’s dimensions. If you aren’t confident in your sketching skills, you can use an online planner to draw the space for you. Having something laid out on paper allows you to test various furniture configurations, which will ensure a layout that will meet your expectations.

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It’s all in the Details: Decorating

Sometimes when we decorate our homes, we focus so much on the big picture that we neglect the little things—like extra detail. It’s important to remember, however, that those little details can actually have major impact on a space by making ordinary things, extraordinary. Simply put, details allow us to put our stamp on a place. It doesn’t really matter if what you have is old or new—detailing it a bit is a great way to give your home a customized look that fits your personality and style. Here are some ways you can add some detail to your round off your home’s décor.


Top it off with Trim

Trim encompasses several things, including ruffles, nail heads, tassels, piping, pom-poms and fringe. Each, unique in their own way, can add a touch of whimsy, a punch of drama, or something in between. Furthermore, they can be used in many different ways—pillows, window treatments, lampshades, throw blankets, rugs, shower curtains, furniture, and more—making it an easy way to incorporate detail within a space.

Pile on the Patterns

Patterns are an easy way to add color and visual interest to a space, and can be used just about anywhere. Upholstery, window treatments, bedding and walls are the most obvious places to use pattern, but it can be used in smaller and unexpected ways as well. Give your dining room a high-end look simply by upholstering chair backs in a coordinating, patterned fabric. Add interest to your bathroom by hanging a shower curtain in a pattern you love or creating a pattern out of tiles. For a touch of style and added comfort for your feet, lay down an area rug. Jazz up an entryway with a patterned table accented with a coordinating mirror or lamp. Have some bare walls you’d like to fill? Instead of dropping a ton of money on pricy artwork, find some patterned fabric or wallpaper that makes you happy, frame it and hang it.

Add Appeal with Accessories

How you accessorize your place reflects who you are and what you love. Be sure to add touches of yourself to make the space feel like yours. One of the best ways to put things on display in an interesting way is be creating a vignette, which is basically a collection of accessories (trinkets and such) clustered together on a flat surface. Vignettes can be simple or complex, so it’s up to you to decide what items you want to display and how much of it you want repeated through the space.

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Must-Have Accessories for Your Home

Accessories allow you to put your stamp on your space. True, you can get by with only filling the space with the main pieces of furniture, but it’s the accessories that add warmth, personality and style to your home. An easy way to accessorize is by choosing pieces that express your interests, but if there’s nothing that seems to work for decorating purposes, you can use these popular pieces as a fallback.


1. Throw pillows: Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to add color, texture and style to a room. Pillows jazz up neutral furniture, tie together color schemes and provide additional comfort. Furthermore, pillows can easily be changed out to accommodate the changing seasons. We can easily create customs pillows for your space with our pillows and fabric.

2. Vases: Vases date as far back to ancient Greece and have remained a popular accessory for the home. Common vase materials include ceramic, crystal and glass, which compliment any home décor.

3. Books: Books are great for reading but they also work well for adding interest. Add a stack of books (or just one big one) to a flat surface that needs some attention. Or, stand a few up with some interesting bookends. You can always remove book jackets that don’t mesh with your décor. Combine books with small items or pair like-colored books together on shelves for even more style.

4. Art: Art is versatile and easy to come by. From paintings to sculptures to kid’s drawings, there is an abundance of eye-catching art available for your home. You can even create art yourself, which allows you to have something very personal and one-of-a-kind.

5. Candles: Candles, scented or unscented, are pretty to look at even when they aren’t lit. There’s just something about them that do a lot for the mood of a room. Candles look nice on a simple candle holder, but you can make them even more eye-catching by using them in wall sconce holders, intricate lanterns or nestled on tray full of pebbles.

6. Rugs: Rugs aren’t just beautiful—they’re comfortable as well—providing warmth and comfort to your space. Rugs can also tie a design scheme together. A quality rug is going to cost you, but if you want something that will last, it’s worth the investment. Be sure to check out our selection of gorgeous rugs.

7. Houseplants. Not only do houseplants look good, they make you feel good. Studies have shown that plants clean the air around us, neutralize chemicals, and reduce stress, making them an accessory that shouldn’t be ignored.

8. Mirrors: Another classic accessory, mirrors increase natural light, make rooms look bigger and let us check our reflection. And, because they come in many shapes, sizes and designs, they make a perfect compliment for your décor.

Remember, design and furniture are nice, but can only take you so far. If you want to truly make your house a home, take time to incorporate home accessories.

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Marsala: Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone recently announced their 2015 color of the year: Marsala. Described as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red,” this hue is strong and warm, making it a lovely color to add into your home.


The Power of Red

Red is an extremely energetic color, but for some, it can be hard to balance it before it becomes too much. Thankfully, there are variations to work with. While Marsala would be considered part of the red family, it resembles more of a burgundy, which is a sophisticated and less energetic version of true red. When it comes to personality, burgundy is said to indicate ambition, controlled power, and dignified ambition.

About Marsala

This strong, warm color can be best described by Pantone’s press release:

“While PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, the captivating 2014 color of the year, encouraged creativity and innovation, Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.”

When it comes to what the color can do for your home, here’s what Pantone has to say:

“Complex and full-bodied without overpowering, Marsala provides a unifying element for interior spaces. Add elegance to any room by incorporating this rich and welcoming hue in accent pieces, accessories and paint. Marsala’s plush characteristics are enhanced when the color is applied to textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for rugs and upholstered living room furniture.

Nurturing and fulfilling, Marsala is a natural fit for the kitchen and dining room—making it idea for tabletop, small appliances and linens throughout the home. The hue will be especially prominent in striping and floral patterns found in printed placemats, dinnerware, bedding and throws.”

Decorating with [Burgundy] Red

Marsala will be a wonderful color to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your home. According to Pantone, Marsala is compatible with colors such as amber, golden yellows, vibrant blues and greens like turquoise and teal (color pairings can be found here). Be sure to search Pinterest for some creative ways to use 2015’s color of the year in your home and don’t forget to check out our beautiful red fabrics in store or online.

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2015 Home Design & Décor Trends

Another year is coming to a close, which means it’s time to see what’s in store for the year ahead. While many of the trends from last year don’t seem to be going anywhere, there are some new ones on the horizon to add to the mix. Let’s take a look at what we have to look forward to in the new year.


Trend #1: Deeper, richer hues

Last year, it was all about colors that were airy and bright. This year, colors will be deeper, richer and a bit more complex—but that doesn’t mean a pop of something vibrant won’t be welcomed. For example, take Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala. This warm, burgundy-like hue is to be highly compatible with amber, golden yellows, greens like turquoise and teal, and vibrant blues. Click here for a full look at Marsala’s color pairings.

Trend #2: Wallpaper

Wallpaper has evolved so much over the years, and in 2015, it’s making a huge comeback. Wallpaper is an extremely easy way to add visual interest to a space, and with so many fresh and updated colors and patterns, it can amplify the style in a major way.

Trend #3: Natural elements

Natural, or organic elements, have been steadily on the rise, but this year expect them to be an integral part of design and décor. It’s so easy to bring nature into your home, so do what makes you happy. This year think raw woods, organic shapes, branches, shells, stones, greenery and even antlers—there’s really no limit on what you can incorporate.

Trend #4: Textured and patterned fabrics

Once again, prints and patterns are going to be big. While geometric prints still have a strong hold, there are other top contenders to keep an eye out for. This year, look for feather patterns, florals and tropical prints, as well as funkier ones, such as photographic or text images and dip dye designs.

Textures will also be important this year. Visual texture through prints and patterns will be one way to get the job done, but don’t forget about texture for the touch. Going with raw weaves or something soft, like velvet, will be ideal for upholstery.

Trend #5: Eco-friendly living

Today, people are making a much more conscious effort to be kind to the environment—so much in fact, that it’s becoming a mainstream idea in the home. This year it’s all about sustainability, energy conservation, repurposing, up-cycling, recycling, and anything else that falls under the environmentally friendly umbrella.

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Block Winter Chill in the Bedroom with Warm Bedding & Decor

When temperatures plummet, it’s nice to have a warm space to escape to—and what better place than your bedroom? The bedroom is the most personal space in a home, so it’s definitely a space that shouldn’t be ignored. Just by warming up your bedding and adding some warm décor, you can block the winter chill easily.


Choosing the Right Bedding

When your bedding keeps you warm and cozy, sleeping in the winter can actually be a delightful experience. Here are the best types of products that will deliver a warm sleep.

  • Down comforters (or duvets). Considering that down is that light, fluffy coating that protects our feathered friends from the outside elements, it’s no wonder that it makes a great filling. Down helps trap warmth, which is why it’s considered the most popular choice for bedding. Down comforters can be authentic (made of goose or duck feathers) or synthetic, and range in price based on fill power.
  • Silk-filled comforters. Believe it or not, silk is wonderful at equalizing temperature. Lightweight and breathable, silk will conform nicely to your body while sleeping, keeping you comfortable through the night.
  • Flannel sheets. Crisp cotton or linen sheets are great for those warm months, but for winter, something fuzzier is in order. Adding flannel sheets to your bed can make a big difference in staying warm through the night.
  • Wool blankets. A wool blanket can provide lots of extra warmth, especially if your house has low heat. Dry clean, rather than wash it, and keep stored somewhere it can remain moth-free.

And don’t forget to top off your bedding with some extra fluffy pillows and throw blankets.

Warm Décor Options

Once you have your bed warmed up, you can finish it off with some cozy décor. When it comes to warming up the interior of a bedroom with décor, here are some ideas that may help:

  • Change the color scheme to reflect the season. Colors such as black, white, gray, silver, gold, blue, and dark purple or red can give the space a cozy retreat feel. Metallic colors are also perfect choices for adding warmth to the room.
  • Dark wood furniture, mirrored furniture and even furniture painted white can really warm up a bedroom. If space allows, add a chair, chase lounge or bench to create an intimate sitting area.
  • Alter the lighting by changing bulb wattage or incorporating a dimmer switch. Soft lighting by way of lamps, sconces and candles, are ultimate ways to take the chill out of the room.
  • Add warm finishing touches like window treatments and a fuzzy rug to bring everything in the room full circle.

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Embracing Winter Whites for a Winter Wonderland

Even if you hate the cold, it’s hard not to appreciate the sheer beauty of a bright, white blanket of snow. The color white, sometimes considered stark or cold, can actually be fresh and welcoming when used inside a home. This winter, try embracing those winter whites so you can have a gorgeous winter wonderland without feeling the chill.

Embracing Winter Whites for a Winter Wonderland

Some tidbits about white…

  • White is anything but boring
  • White can be warm, cozy and inviting
  • White is pretty easy to care for (Gasp! Yes, it’s true.)
  • White will eternally be in style
  • White lets you be flexible

The nice thing about white pulled from nature is the variations. For example, if you step outside on a winter day, you’ll often see undertones of blues, grays, and yellows depending on the lighting. Varying tones such as this offer more choices for those who prefer something subtler than pure white.

Putting White to Use

There are several ways you can use the color white. From bright white to subdued cream, here are some ways you can put this clean and confident neutral to use in your home.

  1. All white everywhere. It’s a bold move to surround yourself in a blanket of white, but when you make the choice to do so, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. An all-white room is a blank canvas just waiting for you to make it personal, whether it’s hip and modern, shabby chic cottage or something in between.
  1. White with pops of color. As mentioned earlier, white gives you flexibility. If there are certain colors you absolutely love, keep in mind that nothing will make it pop like a backdrop of white.
  1. Woodsy with white. Afraid that white will be too cool for you? Warm it up quickly by adding warm woods to the mix. White gives certain woods a modern look and wood furniture, distressed with white paint, produce a cottage-like feel.
  1. Linens only. Again, if bright white feels too stark for you, drape your bed in white linens. White sheets look crisp and make the room look like an upscale hotel or resort.
  1. With accessories. If you only want pops of bright white through the house, create your winter wonderland with accessories. White dishes in glass cabinets, vases, faux fur rugs, white wood photo frames, or pillows and throws are all great ways to bring this color into your home.

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What You Should Know About Interior Designers & Decorators

Sometimes a home makeover extends beyond our abilities. This is when calling in a professional can help. But did you know that interior designers and interior decorators aren’t one in the same? The two terms often get tossed around interchangeably, but there are actually some pretty major distinctions that make them different from one another.


Designer vs. Decorator

An interior designer is a professional that is often involved from the earliest of stages. In many cases, designers work with the architect or contractor, extending their expertise well past the aesthetics of the room. Because they are able to be involved in the planning and renovation of spaces to enhance function, designers are required to have a license, formal training and specific schooling before working.

An interior decorator deals only with aesthetics. Their talents involve sprucing up dated or bare spaces. A decorator can help clients settle on a design style, choose color schemes, and pick textures, fabrics, and furnishings that will make the space complete. Because they don’t dabble with anything structural, no official training is required before practicing.

Important Things to Know

What you need for your home will determine whether you need a designer or a decorator. Whichever one you choose, it’s important to keep these 4 things in mind:

  1. Some can work with you even if you aren’t local. In today’s day and age, lots of work can take place without having to live in the same area. If you’ve found a professional you love, ask them if they have additional offices or if they’re willing to travel. You’d be surprised how many could still take the job.
  1. They can (and will) work within your budget. Designers and decorators can pull together an entire home or a single room, so reach out and tell them what you want and how much you can spend. Keep in mind that professionals will go for top of the line, so it’s imperative that you are upfront with how much money they have to work with. Being open from the get-go allows them to structure their ideas in a way that will respect your budget.
  1. Communication is important. You have to remember that you are the client, so if you aren’t too keen with the professional’s ideas, say so before it’s too late. It’s their job to reflect your style within the space, so if it doesn’t fit who you are, it’s OK to say no. If you already have some ideas in mind, speak up and let them know. Often times, professionals enjoy hearing what a client really loves because it makes the ultimate goal much clearer.
  1. Creative work takes time and doesn’t always make the bill. Creative ideas don’t necessarily come instantly. Pulling together a great design takes time, and can often be unpredictable, so being patient is appreciated. Furthermore, creative professionals spend extra hours doing things such as researching latest trends, attending training workshops and writing for social media to pull in clients. Many professionals also handle their own books, billing and scheduling. These are all things that don’t get charged to the client.

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Cozy Textures to Take the Chill Out of Winter

With temperatures on the decline, it’s safe to say we’ve reached the time of year where hibernating indoors seems like the only sensible thing to do. While the weather outside becomes more frightful, the interior of your home can become more delightful with cozy textures just perfect for winter.



Lots of fabrics provide textural interest, but when it comes to warming up the interior of a home during cold months, these are the top contenders:

  • Velvet. To some, velvet might seem too lush or elegant for a casual space, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Velvet is so versatile and can be paired with any other fabric you throw its way. From formal dining rooms to casual family spaces, velvet is sure to warm it up.
  • Wool and cashmere. Being of the same family, both of these fabrics are well-designed to ward off frigid temperatures. Wool is a beautiful choice when it comes to rugs or blankets. Cashmere, often considered a bit more luxe than traditional wool, is often used for decorative throws. It can be pricy, but it’s worth the investment.
  • Sheepskin, furs and faux furs. Sheepskin can add a lot of warmth to a space. Just think about how toasty your feet will feel on a rug made of this soft textile. Furs and faux furs are luxe and warm as well. Many faux furs are made so well that they’re used more often than people realize. Not only are faux furs kinder to animals, they cost a lot less than the real thing too.
  • Cable-knits. Cable-knit fabrics are what you might imagine: fabrics that look like grandpa’s sweater. Cable-knits provide warmth, look great and are an easy way to add comfort during the cold weather.


Certain patterns also have a way of warming up a space. Here are some ones worth considering for your space:

  • Plaids. Patterns like plaids, checks and houndstooth all have that cozy look to them, especially when made out of a fabric like wool.
  • Faux bois. Faux bois is basically imitation wood or wood grain. It can be found on things such as rugs and wallpaper. It’s a great way to bring an outdoorsy look to the space for less.
  • Southwestern (or Navajo). If you’ve ever stayed at a cabin out west during the winter, you’ve probably run across a southwestern-type pattern. They’re often rich in color, which provides both warmth and rustic elegance.

Finishes and Accessories

Last but not least are some finishes and accessories (accents) that add cozy textures. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Stone fireplaces
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Stacked wood
  • Afghans

Keep in mind that some of these ideas are permanent, while others can be easily changed out for the seasons. See what will work best for you and get that cozy sanctuary for the months ahead.

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