Interior Design Tips, Tricks, and Trends

Uplift Your Home’s Interior with Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2023 Color Palette

While Pantone has yet to announce their Color of the Year for 2023, there’s still good news: the Spring/Summer Color Trend Report is here! Now that New York Fashion Week is over, we have the pleasure of looking ahead at what colors will grace our closets, but most importantly, our homes in the upcoming year.  […]

5 Types of Accent Chairs Perfect for the Living Room

Seating is an essential component of any living space. In fact, it never hurts to have extra seating in your home, if space allows. This is where accent chairs come into play. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or simply more seating, accent chairs make a great addition to any space. Today, […]

The Five Best Fabrics to Use for Winter Decorating

Winter doesn’t always have to be miserable and cold. In fact, one of the best things about winter is finding ways to get warm and cozy. Whether it’s layering your clothing or sipping a hot beverage, there are ways to make winter enjoyable— well, at least bearable.  Another way to embrace the season is to […]

12 Simple Holiday Decorating Tips

Here we are with summer on the fast track to winding down. You might think it’s too premature to focus on the holidays, but really, it’s not — especially if your home isn’t ready for them. School is back in session, so there’s that. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here, then Christmas, New […]

How to Work With the Color Orange in Your Home

Maybe it’s because school is back in session or that autumn is just around the corner, but now seems like a good time to talk about the color orange. A color that reflects many moods, one might think that using such a color in a home requires a lot of bravery, but honestly, it doesn’t. […]

Save, Not Replace, Your Furniture with Reupholstering

As time goes on, furniture gets worn and dirty–and eventually, the time comes when you wonder what you should do. Instead of rushing out to replace the piece, consider having it reupholstered. Depending on your situation, and the piece in question, there are very valid reasons as to why saving it is worth it. How […]

Wake Up A Tired Bedroom

Considering the bedroom isn’t a room regularly seen by guests, it’s no surprise that it often gets left out of the home decorating plans. But decorating your bedroom is incredibly important — and for many reasons other than the one-third of your life you’ll spend sleeping in it.  Importance of a Decorated Bedroom Think of […]

Natural vs. Synthetic Rugs: Which One Is Best for Your Home?

There are many factors to consider when buying a rug for your home. Besides the obvious factors of size, color, style, price, and placement a person must also consider the rug’s material. Should you go with a synthetic fiber rug or a natural fiber rug? What’s the difference between the two anyway? Certainly, there are […]

The Beauty of the Wingback Chair

With its high back, wooden legs, and signature winged sides, the wingback chair is probably the most widely-recognized accent chair. Striking, yet sensible, this classic is one worth considering for your home. Let’s talk more about what this chair is all about, why you should have it in your home, and the best places in […]

How to Achieve the Look of Timeless Design in Your Home

There’s something really special about a timeless look. One that surpasses ever-changing trends and remains fresh for years and years. If this is a look you desire for your home, keep reading. We’ve compiled 8 helpful tips that will make it much easier to create an interior that will stand the test of time.  1. […]

Clever Ideas for Repurposing

Recycle. Upcycle. Salvage. Reclaim. Reuse. Repurpose. No matter how you’ve heard it stated, the process of giving new life to something old, rather than tossing it aside, is definitely something that’s trending these days. Why, you ask? Because new doesn’t always mean better, which is especially great for those who don’t have the resources to […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Treatments

When decorating a home, it’s important to remember just how important window treatments are. These days, window treatments are looked upon as far more than just functional items. They are an integral part of your interior design, serving in a manner that adds both personality and style to a room. But, before you head out […]