10 Timeless Design Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style 1

10 Timeless Design Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Design and decorating trends can be tricky. Often times, they become dated sooner than we’d like, which often leaves us faced with a major dilemma: do we ride it out just a little bit longer or do we scrap it and try something different?

Honestly, trends are nice in the sense that they show us something new we may not have considered before. However, it’s important to tread carefully so you’re disappointed when a new trend rolls in. Thankfully, there are certain design and decorating trends that will look current for decades to come. Here are 10 of our timeless favorites.


1. White Kitchens

It doesn’t matter if your decorating style is modern, traditional, or something in between–a white kitchen will stand the test of time. White kitchens clean, fresh, and versatile. Their cheery disposition and ability to morph into any kitchen style make them one of the most popular choices among homeowners. If you’re looking to update your kitchen’s interior, you can’t go wrong with the timeless beauty and simplicity and beauty of a white kitchen.  

2. Black and White

Color trends come and go quickly–but one that remains a classic combination is black and white. Not only is this color combo beautiful, it gives you so much versatility, making it easy to create decorating masterpieces no matter what the design style. From bathrooms to bedrooms, a black and white color palette is sophisticated, chic, and timeless. Use it anywhere and everywhere. You can’t go wrong either way.

3. Built-In Shelving

Built-ins provide homeowners with two distinct decorating opportunities: the shelving itself and the items that can be displayed. They are a beautiful way to provide extra storage without having to rely on extra furniture. Not only can you showcase a variety of items, including books and photographs, built-ins can be a huge selling point should you ever decide to sell your home.

And so much can be done with them when it comes to adding color or drama! A little paint or paper on the shelves can really make your built-ins stand out. If the thought of that scares you, focus on how you display your books, photos, and trinkets. A great looking vignette can be just as eye-catching! If you’re able, consider adding some crown molding along the top for a custom-made look. Installing some lighting or doors on your built-ins can also make them unique to your space.

4. Area Rugs

It doesn’t matter if you have carpet or hardwood–topping off your flooring with an area rug is never going out of style. Not only do area rugs provide an extra layer of protection for your floors and additional comfort for your feet, they pull a design together with their colors, textures, and style. Even if you have carpet in your home, layering in an area rug is a wonderful way to incorporate some of your style. And don’t just keep those rugs contained to the living room. The kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and even the laundry room can benefit from an area rug or runner. Be sure to stop into one of our showrooms to see our gorgeous rug collections or browse online from the comfort of your own home.

5. Crown Molding

Crown molding in a room is like icing on the cake. It adds that final touch to create a finished look. Tailor your molding to complement your design style–ornate for a traditional look or a stripped-down version for a more modern home.

6. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is always going to be in style. Looking for an easy way to add extra charm to your home? Consider painting your front door in a bright hue. A fun bold shade will breathe new life into your home and can often be completed in a weekend (or less). A little landscaping goes a long way, too. It doesn’t matter if you do the work yourself or hire professionals, some greenery, and friendly flowers can make the exterior of your home look warm and welcoming.

7. Stripes

One pattern that continues to remain a long-standing favorite is stripes. Several patterns have come and go, being coined as “trendy”–but not stripes. Stripes, whether vertical or horizontal, are always on point. Although simple, stripes have a graphic impact that won’t be out of style anytime soon.

8. Navy Blue

Can’t keep up with the ever-changing trends in the color world? Looking for something that stands the test of time? Go with classic navy blue. Navy blue is one color you can always count on. To keep it looking current, switch out things such as accent pillows and accessories.

9. Floral Patterns

This one may surprise you, but floral patterns have never gone out of style. Florals have simply evolved into something even better than the ones you remember from your visit to grandma’s house. Today’s florals are bigger, brighter, and better than ever, making them easy to suit any design style.

10. Dramatic Lighting

Good lighting is an essential component of a good design. Over the years, we’ve seen lighting evolve into what is commonly known as “statement” lighting. It doesn’t matter what your design style is, it’s easy to find statement lighting that will suit. When in doubt, remember that eye-catching lighting is always a “do.”

Ready to add this delightful decor touches to your home interior? Be sure to stop by one of our showrooms or visit our online store.


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