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5 Common Decorating Dilemmas and the Creative Solutions to Turn Them Around

5 Common Decorating Dilemmas And The Creative Solutions To Turn Them Around | Dallas Decor Store

It’s rare when a home decorating project is flawless. In fact, more often than not, there’s something you come across that you’d like to change but can’t. Maybe you’re faced with budget constraints or simply don’t have time for major construction. Or, maybe you’re a renter who simply isn’t allowed to modify certain things. 

Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating. After all, who doesn’t want endless flexibility to design as they please? The good news, however, is that with a little creativity, you can still turn those issues into something great. Here are some common decorating dilemmas and some creative and simple ways you can solve them. 

1. Awkward windows. 

Whether you have oddly placed or oddly shaped windows, there’s a way to unify them! To do this, hang drapery rods that are the same height and width. This will create the illusion that the windows are more uniform than they actually are. Make sure hardware and finials are coordinated within the room both with each other, and with other elements in the room. 

2.  Lack of natural light.

Lighting in a home is incredibly important. Not only does it serve a functional purpose of allowing us to see, but it is also a crucial part of interior design, affecting everything from the mood, size, and even color of the space. If you don’t have the time or the means to change out or install new fixtures, there are a few other steps you can take.

  • Use mirrors to reflect the natural light you have. Mirrors are such a simple way to amplify light. Even mirrored furniture can have the same effect! 
  • Paint your walls a lighter color. This will be a quick fix for brightening up the space. 
  • Avoid dark, heavy window treatments. To get the most out of the natural light, opt for window treatments in fabrics that are lighter in both color and weight. Sheers are especially great for letting light through. 
  • Check your lightbulbs. Sometimes all it takes is a quick switch to some better bulbs that provide better light. 
  • Incorporate lamps. If you have tabletop space to spare, consider adding a few more lamps throughout your home. It’s an easy way to brighten the space without having to install anything. 

3. Unattractive flooring.

Whether damaged, outdated, or simply not to your taste, unattractive flooring can be a real eyesore. The good news is that you can more than distract the eye from noticing with beautiful area rugs that not only cover unsightly areas, but also add a distinct design element to your room.  They can even be put down on carpet! When choosing an area rug, the trick is to pick one that has colors and patterns that will complement the floor you’ll be putting them on. It’s also a good idea to narrow down the look and vibe you desire for your home so you can better choose a rug material that will suit your style.  

4. Ugly or outdated cabinets. 


It’s hard not to miss unsightly kitchen and bathroom cabinets. But again, there are a few ways you can make them look better. 

  • Paint. Sand those cabinets down and give them new life with paint. To ensure you get the right paint and finish for cabinets, be sure to speak with the paint specialist before purchasing. And it doesn’t hurt to test a few colors out directly on the cabinets to see if they complement your current decor. 
  • New hardware. Maybe your cabinets are okay in color but just look outdated. The easiest thing you can do here is swap out the hardware. There are so many options out there— and not just at the hardware store! Be sure to check out random places like Etsy for handmade hardware that will give your cabinets an extra personalized touch. 
  • Take off or change the doors. If you like open shelving, consider removing a couple of cabinet doors. If not, perhaps cut out part of the cabinet front and replace it with glass inserts. 
  • Finish off the room with one or two new decor pieces, possibly a wine tray or some engaging art that’s a conversation starter.

5. Unplanned or unwanted eclecticism. 

Eclectic design style is pretty popular, but true eclectic style is planned out carefully, with every piece being chosen with a purpose. Sometimes, we just end up with a hodgepodge of furniture that we are thankful to have, but might not actually like. In cases like this, there are also ways to make your space look a little more cohesive. 

Sometimes, all furniture needs is a little TLC (a little elbow grease goes a long way!). However, there are other times it needs another solution. For example, if your furniture is mismatched, consider painting a few pieces in the same color so they don’t clash as much. Have a couple of different or dated sofas, loveseats, or chairs? Slipcovers to the rescue! Want to cover up a table that isn’t really your style? Drape a pretty table cloth over it or lay down a nice runner. 

Cutting Corners for Creative Solutions

As you work toward solving your decorating dilemmas, consider us along the way. In addition to our wide selection of discount designer fabrics, we have a beautiful selection of lighting, mirrors, and more. Stop by one of our showrooms or browse online for items that can help transform those dilemmas into decorating wins! 

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