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5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Decorating With Color

Are you afraid of color in your home? If so, have you ever stopped and wondered why?

Maybe it’s because neutrals are “safe” or you’re just unsure of what to do. Perhaps it’s because it’s easier to do nothing than make a (potential) mistake…

Whatever it is, it’s time to rethink color and squash those unnecessary fears.

Did you know that color affects our brain? It’s true! There are actually many noted psychological effects we experience as humans that are rooted in color. While certain colors can have a negative effect, overall, the majority are positive. The right colors can boost our moods, our productivity and even our ability to concentrate! Without it, we can be left feeling restless or unsettled without even realizing why.

So, how can you break away from the old beige habit confidently? Here are 5 ways that may help.

Begin with things you love.

Decorating with an item you love is a great starting point when you have a desire for color. If a special piece stirs positive feelings in you when you see it, chances are that it’s perfect for your place. Your special find can be something as simple as a colorful basket or vase, something in-between like an abstract piece of art, or something larger like a fun accent chair or an eye-catching rug. Whatever it is, use it, and then expand on the color scheme each time you feel braver to do so.

Let nature inspire you.

Nature is full of colorful inspiration! For many, being outdoors brings about a feeling of ease, which is how we usually want to feel inside our home. Think about what moves you and makes you happy. Is it the ocean? A flower garden? Maybe an international landscape? There are so many wonders in nature that are ready to guide you!

Mismash, not match.

Sure, matching can create a beautifully curated look, but decorating is not one-size-fits-all. Today, it’s all about blending colors together–no matter what they are. If you enjoy colors that don’t typically “go together” don’t worry about it–anything goes! It does help to have something that ties all the colors together, but that doesn’t equate matching. Seriously, it’s okay to think outside the box!

Give something a makeover.

Upcycling old or unused pieces with a vibrant makeover is an easy way to add color to your home. Try your hand at recovering a worn out chair in a fabric of your choice or paint an old side table in a bold hue. Giving something a makeover is a perfect way to test how much color you are willing to tolerate without investing too much time and money.

Take on textiles.

Textiles, like fabric, wall coverings and rugs are a few effective ways to add color, set the tone, and make a statement in your home. Accent pillows and patterned rugs are an easy, interchangeable way to add personality and create visual interest. To keep it tailored to your preferred style, find your own fabrics for pillows, chairs, headboards and other custom pieces. Once you’ve chosen the color palette and vibe, narrow your choices to fabrics that meet the criteria while offering up ample color.

Be sure to stop into one of our Dallas area showrooms or browse our fabric and rug selections online. We also offer custom pillows and furniture, making it easy to get the perfect pieces for your home.  

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