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How to Achieve the Look of Timeless Design in Your Home

There’s something really special about a timeless look. One that surpasses ever-changing trends and remains fresh for years and years. If this is a look you desire for your home, keep reading. We’ve compiled 8 helpful tips that will make it much easier to create an interior that will stand the test of time. 

How To Achieve Timeless Design In Your Home Dallas Fabric Store

1. Quality over quantity

No matter what year it is, less is more. This doesn’t mean going full-blown minimalistic, but rather choosing what you fill your home with care. Simply put, be more of a mindful collector, not a frivolous consumer. There’s really no need to overfill shelves or cover every square inch of wall and floor space just because you can. Instead, focus more on filling your home with unique and/or high-quality items, such as a custom piece of furniture or a striking accessory. Edit your collections to only the best. A home that has a timeless look honors and showcases special accessories, as well as each piece of furniture.

2. Choose a muted palette

Neutrals are as timeless as it gets. When choosing colors, choose a muted palette and restrict the number of colors you use. A palette such as this recedes into the background, allowing your furniture and accessories to stand out. Keep in mind that neutrals don’t mean dull or boring shades that don’t expand beyond brown. White, black, gray, navy blue, and even some shades of green work beautifully as neutrals in a timeless home. Colorful accents, bold textures, and eye-catching patterns are other ways to show personality. Scatter your favorite accent fabrics around the room on items like custom pillows or window treatments. 

3. Blend old with new

A timeless look typically entails a mix-and-match of both old and new items. This curated look is a great way to bring interest and beauty to your decor. If you have several old items, consider painting or reupholstering something outdated for a fresh new look. Upcycling is a wonderful way to retain quality pieces! 

4. Stick with classic fabric patterns

As with colors, patterns fall subject to trends. Pick classic fabric patterns if you want to avoid reupholstering every few years. As a general rule, stripes, plaid, and florals are three graphics that won’t let you down. All of these patterns have evolved over the years, making it much simpler to find something that works with any decorating style. Be sure to browse our fabrics — we carry several classic patterns that are sure to look beautiful in your home.

5. Make comfort mandatory

Comfort is essential for the long haul. It’s important to remember that being pretty is not the best reason to make a purchase. If your furniture isn’t comfortable, then it’s likely that you’ll end up replacing it sooner rather than later no matter how good it looks. Take everyone in the house into consideration and base your purchases on that. Shopping may take longer than you’d like, but it’ll be worth it when you find something comfortable, beautiful, and functional for all involved.

6. Stay away from trends

Keeping up with home decorating trends can be tough. Not only are they often fleeting, but it’s rare when there are more than a couple even worth trying out. This doesn’t mean that trends are bad. In fact, some trends stick around for a really long time! For that reason, we encourage you to have fun with trends in small doses. See a trendy color you love? Great! But consider keeping it contained to easy-to-change items such as pillows and throws rather than investing in something bigger like a sofa or window treatments. A timeless look is more easily achieved by keeping it small and subtle. 

7. Keep it symmetrical

Symmetry is something to consider when creating a classic look. The human eye is naturally drawn to balance, which means a symmetrical room will always be a room that’s always pleasant to look at. To create symmetry, you’ll need to create matching halves of the room. While this will require doubling up on items, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be a pair. For instance, while you could absolutely place two matching sofas facing each other, you could also choose to offset the sofa with a set of matching accent chairs instead. 

8. Create a focal point

Any room can benefit from a strong focal point, but a timeless room is never without! As with symmetry, focal points are pleasing to the eye, making them very important. Some homes have natural focal points, such as built-ins, fireplaces, or large windows, while other rooms need a little help. To give your room the focal point it needs, turn to artwork or a piece of furniture, such as a custom sofa upholstered in a gorgeous fabric. 

Timeless Design Starts With Us

When you’re ready to incorporate timeless elements into your home, let us help. Stop by one of our showrooms or browse online to see the furniture, accessories, and discount designer fabrics we have to offer. We have something for every design style and decorating project.

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