Wall Art On A Budget

6 Great Wall Art Ideas for the Frugally-Minded Homeowner on a Budget

It’s no secret that the cost of wall art can add up quickly. Paintings are often quite expensive but even simpler pieces bought at a department store can be costly. This doesn’t mean that the walls of your home have to go bare. In fact, there are other ways to add eye-catching art to your walls without spending too much. Really!  

Why Wall Art is Important in a Home

Too often in decorating, wall art is treated as an afterthought. It’s actually rather sad because wall art offers an amazing design opportunity. When chosen carefully, the right wall art can carry an entire room, making a very big impact.

How so?

Wall art provides an instant color palette.

Having trouble figuring out what colors you want to use in your home? A piece of wall art you love is a great way to narrow down the possibilities, making it easier to find colors that best fit the vision you have for your home’s interior. Picking out paint chips can be fun, but for a lot of people, it’s daunting. This is why I suggest you construct a palette around a piece of artwork instead.

Wall art creates a focal point.

Basic design 101 states that every room needs a focal point that will draw the eye into the space. Fireplaces, windows, and other architectural features are all excellent focal points, but a great piece of artwork can easily fulfill this position.

Wall art brings in texture.

Texture is another important element of design. To really bring in a variety of texture, look for or create art in different mediums. This extra texture can really increase the visual weight of the interior, which can influence the tone or feel of the room.

Wall art rounds off the design.

Wall art can really help make a room appear finished. Spaces that are stark in color or rough around the edges can really look like they missed the mark. Wall art is that finishing element that can make your space feel complete.

Wall Art for the Frugally-Minded Homeowner

Now that you know WHY you need wall art, let’s talk about how you can get some in your home without it costing a fortune. As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of things you can do to save some money when trying to adorn your wall. From shopping second-hand stores to busying your hands with a little DIY, let’s talk about what those are:

1)   Frame pieces of fabric or wallpaper. If you are an avid sewer, then it’s probably safe to say that you have excess fabric lying around. Believe it or not, fabric can make great wall art! Simply glue or adhere with spray adhesive (or double-sided tape) to the cardboard back of the frame, turn it to where it’s displayed, and hang it up. If you don’t have scraps that fit your decor, you can easily head to your local fabric supplier. Wallpaper is another thing you can frame if you prefer that over fabric. If you need a large piece of art, buy some canvas stretchers and make fabric wall panels. Browse our fabrics to see what you can turn into art.

2)   Visit the thrift store. Thrift and antique stores can carry all sorts of goodies for a fraction of the cost. It may take a while to sort through the inventory, but if you find a hidden gem, it’ll be worth the time and effort.

3)   Display decorative plates. Decorative plates don’t have to just sit on a shelf. When hung with disk hangers or wire plate hangers, they can create an eye-catching display on your wall.

4)   Get your children involved. If you have school-aged kids, they probably bring home creative projects from time to time. Instead of trying to hang it all on the fridge or storing it away in boxes, pick your favorites, grab a frame and proudly display their artwork or craft.

5)   Focus on local, up-and-coming artists. The work of artists new on the scene may be a little out of reach, so look closer to home. Some colleges and art schools have local showings for the public. You could even visit galleries in your area to see if they feature up-and-coming artists. This is a great way to give support and find something at a price that’s much easier to swallow.

6)   Create a photo display. Have favorite family or travel photos? Use them to fill a blank space on your wall. Print your pictures and use a variety of sizes when it comes to frames. Hang them mosaic-style, giving space between each photo. Before hanging, trace the shapes of the frames onto something like cardboard, cut them out and then use those cutouts to get an idea of how you’d like them arranged on the wall.

Ready for some fabric DIY art? Stop into one of our showrooms or browse our fabric selections online. We’re sure to have something suitable for all your interior needs.

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