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Creating a Beautiful DIY Feature Wall

Decorating can be challenging for some people, especially when the goal is to make a big impact with minimal work. One easy, yet effective way you could add a punch of personality and style to your home is by creating an eye-catching feature wall. If you think about it, highlighting one wall is a great way to add interest, style, and energy without the bother or expense of redecorating the entire room. It offers the opportunity to experiment with textures, shapes, colors, and patterns. Additionally, creating one is quick and easy to redecorate. If you have a hard time committing to one color or feel like wallpapering an entire room is just too much, then a feature wall is exactly what you need.


Choosing the right wall

As a general rule, you want to choose a wall that lacks doors or windows as they can take away the focal point of the feature. An alcove or chimney breast make beautiful features as well. In a bedroom, the most common wall to feature is the one behind the bed. The ultimate goal should be to choose a wall that’s large enough to take the color or the effect that you’ve chosen.

Avoid putting a feature wall in an already overcrowded room. When there is too much going on in a space, it can be confusing to the eye, creating a sense of chaos rather than harmony. A feature wall should be a highlight, so give it room to breathe. 

Choosing the Right Color

In many cases, feature walls are used in rooms that are primarily neutral in color. The neutral colors allow the feature wall to stand out and make a statement. 

Choosing the right color isn’t as challenging as you may think. It’s really based on your preference for subtle or dramatic. For a subtle effect, choose something in a shade that’s complementary to the rest of the room. A good rule of thumb is to pick something either lighter or darker than the other three walls so it becomes noticeable. If drama is your thing, choose a color that contrasts (i.e. something that sits on the opposite side of the color wheel).

While you can certainly choose whatever you want, the goal is to choose a color or pattern that works with the rest of the room. Feature walls can be high impact, but they do not have to be. Sometimes a subtle pattern can inject just the right amount of interest into a room without overwhelming the space. In other words, bright or bold colors can be great, but only if it really works. Bold just for the sake of bold is never a good idea.

Choosing the Right Covering

Once you’ve decided on a color and pattern, you’ll have to choose a covering, meaning paint, wallpaper or fabric. Paint is the quickest and simplest material to apply–and with so many options, you’ll have no problem finding the right shade of color for your wall.

Paint is the quickest and simplest material to apply–and with so many options, you’ll have no problem finding the right shade for your wall. If you choose to paint, think outside the box. Paint a mural, do some stenciling or make stripes in graduated colors. 

Wallpaper isn’t quite as easy to apply as paint but it’s worth the effort. Today’s wallpaper has come a long way from the wallpaper of the past, so there really are no limits when it comes to finding something that fits your style and personality. Wallpaper patterns are anything but dull these days, so you’ll have no problem finding what’s trendy or new.

Covering your feature wall with fabric is an option not as many people are aware of. Just like wallpaper, a fabric can bring you a wealth of color and texture–but with much less hassle. The fabric is so much easier to apply and remove than wallpaper, which means you have the option to change it up more frequently with ease. 

If paint, wallpaper, or fabric don’t do it for you, opt for something else. Feature walls can be created out of several other materials including tile, stone, and reclaimed wood, to name a few. Wood, in fact, has become an increasingly popular choice for feature walls. From the use of pallets and barn wood, shiplap and rustic planks, wood disks and updated paneling, walls featured with wood are a no-fail way to make a statement that’s both unique and stylish.   

Cutting Corners for Your Feature Wall Needs

Whatever you decide, be brave. Your feature wall should make a statement, so don’t hold back.

If it’s a show-stopping fabric wall you’re after, remember that we have a gorgeous selection of fabric that would be perfect for your DIY project. If it’s lighting you need to make it shine, we have that, too! And, of course, we have other fabrics and decor that will complement your feature wall beautifully. There is something for every home interior project from gorgeous drapery fabrics, colorful outdoor fabrics, lightweight cottons, and luxurious Dupioni Silks.

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