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Creating the Perfect Little Boy Bedroom

There’s more to a little boy than superheroes and cartoon characters. Sure, characters are fun and easy, but solely using them for decorating inspiration can leave you with a space that needs updating fairly frequently. Since little boys eventually grow into big boys, a great way to create the perfect bedroom for your little man is by looking to his interests outside the cartoon world for inspiration in both color schemes and decor. Doing so gives you room to build upon the older he gets. After all, in the blink of an eye, he’ll go from a little boy to a young man. 

Creating The Perfect Little Boy Bedroom Dallas Texas Fabric Decor Shop

Tap Into His Interests — They Can Be the Perfect Inspiration!

Whatever your little man is into can be a perfect inspiration jumping point. That in itself can really make the entire design process go much smoother. Does your little boy like nature, science, or sports? What about things like cars, planes, boats, or trains? Perhaps dinosaurs or bugs are more his thing. It doesn’t really matter which of these your son prefers more, each can serve well when it comes to putting a bedroom together for him. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to go full-on thematic in his room. Far from it, in fact. It’s just a great way to have a focus. How much you incorporate into the room itself will be up to you. For example, say you’ve got a budding entomologist on your hands. While you can certainly go bug-crazy in his room, a better option might be to choose a nature-inspired color palette for his walls and furniture and then scatter some of those cool critters throughout the room with a few pieces of wall art and tiny sculptures. Or, with some fun bedding. This way, should he outgrow his arthropod-loving phase sooner rather than later, it’s easier to replace the accessories on the fly (pun intended) than it is to completely overhaul a room covered in insect wallpaper. 

Designing the Layout

The layout of the room will be very important. So, before you start filling up the room, take into consideration what your little boy will need. His current age and needs will be a determining factor, however, it can be beneficial to plan ahead, incorporating furniture pieces that can grow with him. 

Ask yourself what activities he will be doing in his bedroom:

  • Will he be doing homework? If so, a desk and chair will be helpful.
  • Does he have hobbies? To accommodate, create a play area or nook for hobbies (a dual-purpose desk/table can work for homework and hobbies).
  • Will he be sharing a room with a little brother someday? What about having friends over to spend the night? If so, consider bunk beds, twin beds, or a pullout trundle.
  • Does he have a lot of toys, like to read, or have a collection of some sort? Shelving, bookcases, or a toy box will be important to keep the space clean and organized. 

As always, be sure to take proper measurements before filling up the room with furniture. The last thing you’ll need is a room stuffed with oversized furniture that will take up too much usable space. 

Creating the Color Palette

As mentioned earlier, using his interests for inspiration will make it easier to pick colors, textures, and patterns for the space. For example, if your boy loves boats and the water, you can start by using colors associated with those things and then build a nautical theme around them. If he loves nature, you’ll want to create a palette of neutrals that will make him feel like he’s outdoors, and so on.

To help, here are some great colors (single or combo) that are perfect for a little boy’s room no matter where his interests lie:

  • Primary colors
  • Brown, gold, green, and any other color that reflects nature
  • Blue, orange, and lime green
  • Orange, white, and gray
  • Cocoa brown and turquoise
  • Red and khaki
  • Emerald green and peacock blue
  • Black and white

When it comes to fabrics, stripes are always a great pick to incorporate with solids. With that said, there are lots of cute fabrics out there that shouldn’t be ignored. Find fabrics that reflect your little man’s interests and use them on things like pillows and curtains. Furthermore, since boys tend to be hard on furniture, opt for performance fabrics for any upholstered pieces you’d like to prolong the life of.

Once you have your fabrics picked out, be sure to incorporate at least one wall of bold color to keep it fun. If you decide to go neutral in the background, just add more punches of fun color through accessories, such as rugs, throws, pillows, and window treatments.

When Possible, Add a Cool Feature

If space and money allow, consider adding a cool feature. Some really cool items that can turn a cool room into a dream room include: 

  • Swings
  • Swinging bed
  • Hanging cocoon chair
  • LEGO wall
  • Tiny crawl space
  • Giant pillows
  • Teepee
  • Bed slide
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Castle fort
  • Small library

These, of course, might not be an option, and that’s okay! Sometimes, all it takes is the basics and then something on a smaller scale, like a fun bean bag chair or lighting fixture.

Cutting Corners For Bedroom Fabrics

When the time comes to create that amazing boy’s bedroom, come see us for fabrics that he can enjoy now and in the years ahead. From discount designer fabrics and trim to lighting and custom furniture, you will find something for his room and every home interior project on your list. 

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