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Is Custom Bedding for Kids Worth It?

 Is Custom Bedding For Kids Worth It?

When you look at your child, what do you see? If you’re like most parents, you see a little individual with their own unique personality. In other words, someone similar to you wrapped up in a smaller package. So, why shouldn’t they have something in their room that really reflects them?

Before you can really consider custom bedding however, it’s important to think about the benefits of going that route. Some benefits of custom bedding are:

  • The bed gets the perfect fit
  • The room can be coordinated any way your child wants
  • You get a quality product that’s one of a kind

Often times, when people think custom they think costly. Yes, depending on what you want, sometimes it can be. That’s not always the case though. And while there are a variety of bedding ensembles to choose from in store and online, it doesn’t really make them the right choice for your kid.

Going custom doesn’t mean going crazy with having every little piece for the bedding made. Depending on the age of your child (and their tastes) you may only need a couple of things. For example, a toddler can probably live without shams and accent pillows. In a case such as this, you could find one or two fabrics your little one loves to have a toddler-sized comforter made. In all reality, this can cost less than buying a complete ensemble equipped with pieces you don’t need.

Another great thing about going custom is that you can support smaller businesses rather than a chain department store. Etsy is a wonderful choice when it comes to finding something unique. There are plenty of talented vendors with little shops that can make a one of a kind item for your child.

If you’re crafty however, and love to make things yourself, then you can support your local fabric stores by purchasing from them. Many fabric stores showcase their inventory online, making it extremely easy to narrow down exactly what your little one wants for his or her bedroom. While you’re online, check out sites like Pinterest, which is full of ideas, patterns and instructions. Something made by you will be extra special and something that can be done at a fraction of the cost!

One last thing to consider is longevity. Today, kids are surrounded by so many themes, especially ones of things such as cartoon characters and video games. These themes often come and go just as quickly as other fads, leaving you back at square one when it comes to dressing up your kid’s bed. A custom bed set will allow you to stick to colors and patterns, rather than characters. This will often keep the bedding in the room much longer, allowing you to decorate the shelves or walls with those characters instead.

If you haven’t considered custom bedding for your child, then hopefully it’s something you’ll consider now. Remember, custom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It can actually save you money in the long run and make your child very happy.

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