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How to Decorate Your Home Around a Rug

You found the perfect rug, now what?

You know a rug on the floor is a beautiful thing and that working it into your decor shouldn’t be so challenging–but alas, it actually is. Sure, sometimes, a rug is the ideal starting point for the rest of your interior design, but in most cases, you have to work hard to incorporate it into what’s already going on in your home.

Here are some tips we hope you’ll find helpful if you’re struggling to decorate a room around a rug:

(1) Carry your rug with you.

Obviously, we know you can’t take the actual rug with you when you shop, but you most certainly can take a visual. Snap a picture of your rug in good lighting so you can have a clear and solid reference on hand at all times.

(2) Don’t stress over coordinating it all.

Yes, by all means, select items that coordinate with the rug, but don’t go crazy. There may come a time when you’d like to replace the rug and it’s easier to swap out small items like accent pillows than something much more expensive such as custom window treatments.

(3) Focus on furniture placement. 

Did you know that how you arrange the furniture can help play up the shape of the rug? For example, a round or oval rug can be the room’s feature accent simply by situating sofas and chairs slightly off the edge. Another approach would be to arrange furniture so it sits directly on top of the rug. Doing this allows the rug to blend in with the room, rather than appearing to be isolated from it.

(4) Match the rug to the room.

To its shape, that is. The shape of the room can really be highlighted when the rug is similar in shape. Of course, the rule can be broken, but overall, square rooms benefit from square rugs, round rooms from round rugs…you get the idea.

(5) Let the rug be your anchor. 

Placing the rug where you want it first can really make the rest of the decorating process easier. Where you put the rug is often the center of the room–or, in open floor plans, an area that needs to be clearly defined. Once the rug is down, where you put furniture and accents typically fall into place.

(6) Don’t shy away from bold. 

A rug can easily be a statement piece in your home, so don’t shy away from getting one that’ll do just that. If you find a bold rug you can’t seem to live without, then get it. With some careful planning and a little tweaking, you can have a room that completely suits your taste.

Ready for a new rug? Be sure to stop by our showroom or browse our beautiful collections online.

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