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Decorate Like a Celebrity

There’s something about the lives of celebrities that pique our interest especially when it comes to their extravagant homes. Many of us however, just aren’t able (or willing) to spend a fortune on decorating. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t give your space a star-powered update. Here are some tips for living like a star, without paying like a star.


Take a risk 

If you want to really add some pizzazz to your space, you can’t be afraid to take a risk on bringing in some drama. Go for bold colors, unique patterns (or textures) and pieces that make a statement. You can also add visual interest with artwork.

Create a theme

What do you want your home to say? If there’s a story you want to tell, then it’s imperative to have theme in place. When you have a theme to work with, then the entire home will make sense. Instead of disconnect and confusion, the look will be cohesive and harmonious.

Add personal touches

Personal touches make the space yours. And while you might not have an Oscar or an Emmy to display, you will have things that mean something to you, or even something about you that you’d like to be seen. It doesn’t really matter what it is, use this decorating opportunity to inject your personality within the space.

Have an area for entertaining

When you have guests over, it’s nice to have an area to entertain. Whether it’s a game room, a small wet bar with a couple of chairs, or a couch with a killer home theater, find a way to have a designated space (or two) for entertaining when family and friends come to visit.

Turn your bedroom into a retreat

At the end of the day, it’s nice to have a place to block out the craziness of life. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, dedicated to total comfort for relaxation and sleep. Splurge on nice bedding and pay attention to lighting. This is your place to get away from the world for a short time, so make it as enjoyable and plush as you can.

Lean toward timeless design

We all know how quickly trends come and go, and when it comes to these trends, celebrities often have the luxury of jumping on them much easier than the rest of us do. While there’s nothing wrong with incorporating trendy things into your home, make sure they count. As a whole, it’s much more practical to stick with timeless styles and pieces that you’ll love for more than a season.

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