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Decorate for Multiple Seasons Autumn + Winter

When new seasons roll around and temperatures start to change, we have a tendency to adjust our home’s decor in a way that reflects what’s going on outside the walls we live in. With that said, it can be a challenge to decorate for all four seasons. Sometimes, it’s easier to make transitions that work for two seasons at a time. Let’s talk a little bit about four decorating ideas that will cover the autumn and winter months.


  1. Shuffle the furniture around. The fall and winter months require some extra warmth. To achieve that extra level of cozy, simply rearrange your furniture. Pull furniture away from the walls and closer to the fireplace (if you have one). If you don’t have one, more intimate seating areas will do just as well. Add extra accent pillows to increase the comfort level even more.
  1. Layer up. Extra layers of clothing can warm us up when we’re heading out into the cold, but did you know that layers also come in handy when relaxing at home? To give your home a sense of warmth, add in more textiles. Window treatments are a great place to start. If you already have some, consider switching lightweight fabrics for heavier ones. Area rugs are another great way to add layers of warmth. If you have some soft and fuzzy throws stored away, be sure to get them out and drape them stylishly over pieces of furniture. A pretty blanket, rather than tablecloth could add some warmth to the dining area.
  1. Add some greenery. Touches of nature can really improve spaces. Something like an evergreen garland can add beauty to a mantle while also providing a scent perfect for autumn and winter. Seasonal fruit and pinecones nested in the garland can make it extra unique. An evergreen wreath is another way to incorporate greenery into your home during the colder months.
  1. Change up the color palette. Changing the paint color on your walls isn’t practical for everyone. If it is, however, choose colors that will work with both seasons. Some colors worth considering are yellow, red, brown, green, blue, purple, gray (or silver) and white. All of these would beautifully reflect autumn and winter without falling into the stereotypical color categories associated with those seasons.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope these ideas have helped fuel your decorating plans. Decorating for multiple seasons will be especially desirable for those aiming for a bit more downtime during the autumn and winter months.

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