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Designing a Nursery

Design Nursery Online Fabric Wholesale

Bringing a baby into the world, and into your home, is a joyous event. However, deciding what to do with the nursery can be stressful, especially if this is your first child. Not only are there so many decisions to make, there’s also a 9-month time window to work with. Instead of stressing about it, take a deep breath and have some fun. Here are some tips to make your nursery designing enjoyable.

Cover the basics. This includes evaluating your budget, measuring the space and planning the layout. All three of these will help you along the way throughout the decorating and buying process, so it’s important to have them at the forefront of your mind. Since spills, spit ups and other accidents are guaranteed to happen, try aiming for safe, functional and washable items over expensive ones.

Select your furniture. The three main things you’ll need are a crib, a changing table and a dresser. If you have the room, consider adding a table or nightstand and rocking chair or glider.  Remember, family and friends will have tons of suggestions so be sure to make a list and think through what you will like and utilize without overcrowding the space so that there is a clear path for those late night feedings.

Choose your lighting. Lighting doesn’t matter as much during the day as it does during the night. When bedtime rolls around, low lighting or none at all, is often best. Soft glowing lamps, nightlights or an overhead light with a dimmer, are all great options for setting the mood for sleep. Consider wood or faux wood blinds if you don’t already have them to block out light for those day time naps and early bedtimes. Also, to block extra light, consider either medium weight window treatments or black out curtains, both of which you can make yourself to match the nursery and bedding, or purchase for ranges amounts depending on the quality of fabric and craftsmanship.

Pick your bedding. When it comes to themes, there are plenty out there to choose from. However, it seems like some of those bedding sets cost much more than they should. Furthermore, most pieces in the set can’t be bought individually.. If you want to try something new, pick out a sewing pattern and find a local fabric shop.. If you don’t have one nearby, try searching through our online fabrics. As an online fabric supplier, we have lots of great deals and have swatches to send you of your favorites for you to feel the texture, weight and weave.

Not only does it sewing the bedding yourself give you even more options, but it also lets you pick and choose the details and pieces you actually want, rather than having to buy any unwanted pieces included in a set. Many times, finding discount fabric, such as our wholesale designer fabrics, so that you get the best deal without sacrificing quality. Not only does it give you even more options, but it also lets you pick and choose the details and pieces you actually want, rather than having to buy any unwanted pieces included in a set.

Add color to the walls. Keep in mind that when a baby is born, the only colors he or she can see are black, white and gray. The first recognizable color is red, but this color, along with bright oranges, are discouraged because it can be over-stimulating for your baby. You can’t go wrong with greens, blues, pinks, yellows, violets and earth tones. Since paint color can be matched with just about anything, it might be helpful to take in a piece of fabric to the paint store. If you don’t want solid wall, consider wallpaper. Either way, think about finding a softer compliment to make your bedding and window treatments more visually appealing for your baby. However, if you are thinking something more exotic and fun, try a wall applique or mural for a fun touch! Here is a site that has a bunch of options from monkeys, lilies, dinosaurs, trains, and even things like Noah’s Ark, City Scenes, and a Cirucs!

Sit back and enjoy. Now that you have the perfect room, soak up every minute with your little one.

When you are ready to start your project, bring your measurements in to Cutting Corners in Fort Worth on South Hulen Street, we will be happy to assist you with your fabrics! You can also buy your fabrics online if you prefer!

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