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Feng Shui Decorating

Feng shui decorating may sound complex but incorporating its principles into your home is actually really easy to do. Simply put, feng shui is a series of guidelines based on ancient Eastern philosophies intended to create a sense of harmony and balance to promote positive energy within your surroundings. This doesn’t mean a space that’s “Zen”, but rather a space that can best support the activities intended for the space, while also making you feel your best.Before the decorating begins however, there are a couple of things you need to do. The first is to purge the area of clutter. Feng shui requires that old energy be replaced with new, so decorating a cluttered place just wouldn’t make sense. The second thing is to make sure you have good quality air and light. Clean your windows and air filters or buy an air purifier if needed. Once you’ve accomplished those tasks, you’re ready to begin decorating. Below is a breakdown of what can be done for some rooms in your home to achieve feng shui.

For the bedroom: Place the head of the bed against a wall where you’ll have a view of the door. Keep doors to closets and the bathroom closed. To keep positive energy afloat when closet doors have to be open, make sure everything inside is tidy and well organized. Having empty spaces scattered throughout also contributes to energy flow. In regards to colors, beige, brown and accents of pink or peach are ideal.

Feng Shui Decorating

For the living room: Position furniture in a way that feels warm and inviting (couches against the walls and facing the entryway) and keep electronics hidden behind closed cabinets. If possible, rely on natural light from windows or lamplight, rather than overhead lighting, which can make the room feel harsh. Personal photos, heirlooms and energetic artwork are also good additions to the space. If the couch must face away from the room’s entry, hang a mirror across from it so you can see the door. Paired seating, arranged in uniform, creates connection. The color yellow is perfect for inspiring communication. Check out our collection of yellow fabrics, which are perfect for living room seating.

For your office: Keep your desk tidy and position it so you face the door. The colors purple and black are good for providing energy and promoting creativity. Don’t forget to add a few personal touches like photos and greenery, such as flowers or houseplants.

For your kitchen: Energizing colors and tidiness make for a feng shui kitchen. Hanging a mirror over the stove or counter and adding plants are also good ideas.

For the bathroom: The best colors for a feng shui bathroom are blue, green, yellow, cream and lavender. Add multiple light fixtures, keeping one on a low setting all day long.

Common Feng Shui Mistakes

Keep this feng shui mistakes in mind as you decorate:

  • Pushing one side of the bed against the wall
  • Keeping hallways and entryways dark
  • Having a TV in the bedroom
  • Hanging two mirrors in a manner where they face each other
  • Leaving dead plants or flowers in the space

Now that you know a little more about feng shui, you can get to work creating a space that will be full of positive energy.

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