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6 Fun and Beautiful Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

February is upon us, which means l’amour is in the air— and while the days that lead up to Valentine’s Day aren’t necessarily a big deal to some people, others really enjoy the romance of it all. If the latter applies to you, and you’re looking for a way to bring a little extra love into your home for the holiday, we have you covered. From picking and incorporating colors that associate with romance to simple DIY decorating touches, we’ve compiled some simple and enjoyable ways to add a little romantic flair around your home. 

6 Fun And Beautiful Valentines Day Decorating Ideas Dallas Designer Decor

The Colors of Romance 

Studies have shown that colors impact us in many ways, so it’s no surprise that there are certain hues that are associated with sparking feelings of love and passion. When it comes to striking a romantic mood, there are 3 colors to help you do it: purple, pink, and red.  Consider adding some of these lovely hues throughout your home to embrace the holiday. 


Purple is a beautiful hue that combines the stability of blue and the fierce energy and passion of red. Not only does it easily uplift the spirit, but it also increases sensitivity as well as our desire to be imaginative and creative. 

For a more graceful, tender, and feminine look, light purple tones are the way to go. Dark tones, on the other hand, have a more luxurious appearance. When contrasted with white, rich, deep purple will help you achieve a soothing yet contemporary look. Being that purple is naturally calming, it’s a perfect solution for the bedroom. 


Depending on the shade, the color pink can range from playful to incredibly romantic. Where its more powerful cousin red represents passion, the color pink represents tenderness. And, being that pink is beautifully showcased in nature by way of flowers and sunsets, is it any wonder it’s a color associated with romance? From hot pink to powder pink to fuchsia, rose, and blush, there’s definitely a shade of pink for everyone. Red Forever Floral Roses Dallas Decor Store


Last, but certainly not least, is red. Known to evoke feelings of desire, passion, and excitement, red is the color most associated with the meaning of love. If you’re looking for a color that’s both daring and energetic, red is it. Take your pick from shades that run from subtle to deep including, wine, merlot, cherry, brick, and red currant— any one of these can bring both sophistication and romance to any space.

When it comes to incorporating these colors in your home, it doesn’t matter how big or small you go— bed, chair, sofa, pillows, artwork, small accents, or something entirely different— figure out what you’re comfortable with and then splash your own romantic palette throughout the house.

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas 

Like a little holiday DIY? Say no more. Connect with your inner romantic and express your affection by creating some of the fun and beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations we have listed below. From mantel decor to wall art, these projects are sure to sweeten up your home.

1) Valentine Memory Boards

Display your favorite valentine memories on decorative memory boards. Select light to medium weight fabrics, such as cotton or polyester, which will be easier to wrap around a ½-inch-thick square or rectangular piece of cork. Valentine’s Day patterned fabrics are an obvious pick, however, you can make beautiful boards with coordinating fabrics in shades of pink and red. Whichever fabric you choose, wrap the fabric to the back, staple it in place, and mount them to the wall with removable hooks and picture hangers so they can be changed out as needed. Our Abigail, Banzi and Jakara are a few excellent choices to get you started.

2) Handmade Artwork

Making wall or shelf art-themed or not is much easier than many people realize. For Valentine’s Day this year, consider making some handmade artwork for your home. A framed collage is a great place to start. To make, cut out repeating shapes in various sizes (something like birds, hearts, cupids or lips) from a variety of decorative scrapbook paper or fabric and then mount them to white cardstock with spray adhesive. Once it’s dry, place it in a frame and then rest it on a shelf or hang it on a wall.

Another option is to frame a love quote. Using a die-cutting tool, cut out a quote, and then adhere the letters to black, red, or pink cardstock. Tape your finished piece to a mirror that has an intricate frame. Place it on a shelf or mantle along amidst other themed decorations.

3) Decorative Wreath

A wreath is pretty much an essential part of a collection of decor whether it’s for a holiday or not. A door just doesn’t look quite as welcoming without one, so this year deck yours out with something festive! A fun wreath to make is one covered with paper curls. To curl, tightly wrap 1×6-inch strips of patterned paper around a pencil and then create a loop by gluing the curl’s ends together. Using hot glue, attach the paper loops to an 8-inch foam wreath form. Repeat until the form is covered, lightly brush it with liquid adhesive and then sprinkle it with glitter. For added flair, embellish it with a printed Valentine’s Day sentiment.

4) Festive Accent Pillow

Accent pillows are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add some holiday flair to your home. For Valentine’s Day, dress up a plain pillow using stencils and fabric paint. Words such as “love,” “kiss me,” or “be mine” can easily be stenciled on a plain pillow of your choice. For additional flair, alternate the colors for each letter. And don’t hesitate to cut out your own letters, rather than purchasing readymade stencils.

5) Hearts Garland

Garlands can dress up any mantel, headboard, cabinetry or mirror. And they don’t just have to be made out of greenery either. For a quick but pretty garland, grab some patterned card stock paper and cut out oversized hearts. Cut parallel vertical slits near the center of each heart and then thread them together using Valentine-themed ribbon.

A bit more time-consuming, but definitely worth the effort, is a garland of hearts made from fabric. To create, cut hearts of two different sizes from fabric scraps. Lay the smaller heart over the larger, attaching it with iron-on adhesive, for a fun, layered look. Punch small holes in the sides, tie them together with ribbon and string it up!

6) Creative Candles & Decor

Candles are always a nice touch no matter what the occasion. For something simple, take plain glass votive candle holders and fill the bottom with candy nonpareils in valentine colors. You can also use small beads. Place the votive candle inside and you’re done!

Another option is to take tall pillar candles or glass candle holders and wrap them with ribbon or loosely lay a bed of fabric under them. Lacy designs and ribbon in shades of red and pink are perfect for Valentine’s Day decor. To hold your ribbon in place, use double-sided tape.

Before you toss out any old glassware, consider reusing smaller glasses as candle holders by etching them with festive motifs. Etching kits can be found at craft stores and are easy to use. Etch glasses with hearts or words, add a candle and enjoy!

These are just some of the many ideas that are out there when it comes to Valentine’s Day decorating. For more ideas, check out websites like Pinterest, which are great when it comes to providing holiday inspiration!

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