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10 Tips on How to Get Your Home Into a Summer Mood

When those temperatures turn warmer, you likely update your wardrobe. But what about your home? Is it part of your summer routine? The good news is that making your home more summer-friendly is much easier than you might think. But just in case, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun and creative ways to help your home shake off those winter blues and embrace the summer months as much as you can.


1. Hang outdoor curtains

Watermelon, fireworks, lemonade, and hammocks are just some of the things that represent what summer is all about. But what about white curtains billowing in the wind? If that doesn’t say summer, I don’t know what does. To get that beachy vibe, try hanging some white sheers or linen drapery on your porch. Not only will you feel like you’re on vacay, but you’ll also have some extra shade and privacy too. Any of our lightweight fabrics should do the trick.

2. Make your outdoor space worthy of siestas and fiestas.

While the concept of outdoor living in itself isn’t new, it is a concept that is quickly evolving to take on new meaning. At one time, a simple dining set on a patio or a grill and a couple of chairs were enough. But today, many homeowners are looking for more. In fact, outdoor living spaces have become almost as important as indoor living, with more money being spent on outdoor improvements than ever before. If you have an outdoor space, make the most of it. Brighten outdoor seating with cushions and pillows covered in colorful fabrics. If room allows, consider adding something like a daybed that’s perfect for afternoon naps or outdoor sleeping on warm summer nights. It is perfect, when paired with outdoor curtains. Deck it out with things that will prompt you and your friends and families to take a load off, such as mood lighting, potted flowers and plants, and a chiminea. 

3. Make your table setting simple.

Typically, summer is a season of getting out and doing, whether it’s actually going somewhere or simply entertaining at home. And, of course, when gatherings at home happen this time of year, they tend to be much more informal and spontaneous. Because of this, there’s no reason you can’t throw caution to the wind and go with the flow, forgoing the need to put the items for your table setting in their usual places. Instead of storing silverware in the drawer, opt for keeping it in a decorative caddy or in colored mason jars right there on the dining table. Having things handy will make it much easier to host those impromptu parties. 

4. Add crisp sheets to your bed.

Crisp cotton sheets in bright white, or in something like a navy and white nautical stripe, is very beach house chic. Not only do they look good, they feel great after a day in the sun. Other summer-friendly options include linen and bamboo— both of which feel amazing after a day in the sun. While you’re at it, why not elevate the look of your bed even more by topping it off with custom-made items, such as a summery duvet cover and accent pillows.

5. Restyle your shelves.

Summer can be a freeing time, especially after winter hibernation. So why not simplify your interior a bit by streamlining any shelving you have in your home? This season, make life a little simpler by minimizing any excess that is cluttering shelves. Open shelving in living rooms or kitchens can benefit from the less is more principle. The extra breathing space will make your home feel more like a getaway spot.

6. Display fresh wildflowers in jelly or mason jars.

Flowers have a natural way of brightening up a room and our mood. And a vintage touch can be very charming and very fitting for the season especially when those flowers are displayed in a simple glass jar. Instead of buying ready-made bouquets this season, step outside to your own backyard and plunk hand-picked wildflowers (or fresh-cut flowers) into a cleaned out jelly or mason jar. 

7. Set up a summery wet bar.

Summer is a great time for dining outdoors, which usually includes summer beverages to go along with your dishes. What better way to be prepared than by creating a wet bar? While you can certainly buy a bar cart, it’s easy enough to repurpose an unused cabinet or table into one. Stock the station with whatever you need, which could include alcohol bottles, mixers, garnishes, and, of course, non-alcoholic options for friends and family who don’t drink. For ambiance at night, consider adding some string lights. If space is tight, simply get a pretty tray and top it with a few glasses and a handful of citrus fruits to have a ready-to-go summer wet bar. It doesn’t really take much to have a variety of refreshments on hand.

8. Create some curb appeal.

Take time to make any landscaping changes or improvements to your yard. Consider planting some low-maintenance perennials that come up each and every year on their own, as well as annual flowers like zinnias, sunflowers, and dahlias that are both colorful and cheerful. If possible, start a small home garden to grow your own vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, and herbs. Not only will you have a tasty bounty you can enjoy for the rest of the year, but you’ll also attract necessary pollinators like bees and butterflies, as well as friendly birds. This will make your yard a more welcoming and beautiful place for the entire season.

9. Take care of seasonal home maintenance.

To enjoy summer to its fullest, it’s important to make sure all your home equipment is in working order. Check your air conditioning system before you need it, preferably on a cooler day, and don’t forget to switch out those air filters. It’s also a good idea to check the roof for leaks and have it repaired as soon as possible. While a leaking roof is a problem in itself, it can lead to bigger problems such as mildew and decay, which can eventually destroy your home if left unremedied. Some other areas that may need maintenance include gaps in window or door framing, fence posts that have become warped or rotten, and cracks in the driveway.

10. Lighten up your color scheme.

Swap out those darker colors for a palette that celebrates all the brightness that summer has to offer. This certainly doesn’t mean that you have to overhaul everything you own, but rather incorporate some summer lightness into each room. Have dark furniture? Lighten it up with softer-colored pillows and a throw. Don’t feel like repainting darker walls? No problem— simply hang up some seasonal art that will lighten up the space! Add white outdoor curtains for a beachy vibe!

When the time comes to prep your home for summer, let us help. Stop by one of our showrooms near Flower Mound, TX or browse online to check out the latest designer fabrics, trim, hardware, and decorative accessories at wholesale prices.

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