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The Hot New Color Trend Everyone is Talking About (Hint: It’s Navy Blue)

There are only a handful of colors that are considered classic— and navy blue is one of them. No, navy blue is not a new color, but it’s being used in new and exciting ways! 

Hands down, navy blue is a crowd-pleaser for a reason. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also incredibly versatile being that it can be used as both a neutral and an accent color. 

Yes, you heard that right: a neutral. 

The Hot New Color Everyone Is Talking About Hint Its Navy Blue Heath Fabrics

We already know that neutrals are a great tool in our decorating arsenal, but when we think about neutrals, we typically think about colors like khaki, white, gray, and black— not navy. But we should. 

Think of navy blue like your favorite pair of jeans— that classic element that can mix with almost anything. Like a chameleon, navy is that color that works well with just about any color you throw its way. It’s one of those few colors that’s truly adaptable. Want a classic feel? Need to ground a vibrant color? Aiming for a statement color among other neutrals? Looking for a darker color other than black? Navy blue is where it’s at. Is it any wonder some shade of navy blue has been part of Pantone’s seasonal color palettes for the past several years? And let’s not forget that Classic Blue (another shade of navy) was named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020. Read our blog Classic Blue: The Pantone 2020 Color of the Year That Will Have You Feeling Anything But

Is it any wonder this formidable yet calming color is considered timeless? No matter what other “trendy” colors come and go, you can always depend on navy staying true blue. 

How to Use Navy Blue In Your Home

In all honesty, there’s no wrong way to use navy blue in your home. Furthermore, there’s no wrong room to use it in. 

Of course, the easiest room in the house to try decorating with navy blue is the living room. Consider textiles in the cool hue— slipcovers, window treatments, pillows, throws, or rugs— as they are easy ways to put navy blue to use as an accent color. Of course, you can’t go wrong with timeless stripes in navy and white.

If you’re a bit braver, go bigger! Sofas, chairs, and walls can easily elevate your home to one that is both trendy and sophisticated. The dramatic effect of navy blue used in a bigger way is sure to make it the focal point of the room!

The dining room is another area of your home that can benefit from navy blue. Consider adding it to your dining chair cushions or give a hutch or buffet a coat of paint. Or, simply incorporate navy blue dishes or table linens like napkins or a runner. Any addition is sure to create the perfect ambiance for a comforting meal.

Navy blue can also make a really big statement in the kitchen. Just think how lovely navy cabinets or a navy island would look! 

Navy blue in the bedroom or bathroom? Yes, please! Blue can be such a soothing color, but oftentimes, softer blues are used. Why not give your bedroom a bold pop of navy instead? The same goes for the bathroom. Make a bold move with a navy vanity or backsplash. 

What to Pair With Navy Blue

As mentioned earlier, navy blue is so versatile, it goes with just about any other color. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic navy and white combo, but there are other colors that pair nicely as well. Consider pairing navy with white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and green. And don’t forget to add navy to your mix of neutrals for dramatic flair! 

Ready to embrace this timeless trend? If so, be sure to stop by our showroom or browse through our gorgeous selection of navy fabrics, trim, and area rugs. We have something suitable for every personality and decorating style.

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