Lacking Decorating Inspiration Here Are 7 Places To Look To For Help Mesquite Fabrics Jpg

Lacking Decorating Inspiration? Here are 7 Places to Look To For Help

Coming up with decorating ideas for your home can sometimes feel like the equivalent of writer’s block. The good news is that there are a variety of places to look to for inspiration— some of which, you may never have considered. Here are 6 places to get you started. 

Lacking Decorating Inspiration Here Are 7 Places To Look To For Help Mesquite Fabrics

1. Magazines

Believe it or not, paper magazines still exist! And, they’re actually a really great jumping-off point. While design magazines Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, or Martha Stewart Living would be obvious choices, magazines such as Architectural Digest can be equally helpful. As you flip through the pages, be sure to tear out the images you like best so they can be tacked on a bulletin board or in a folder.

2. Travel

Visiting other areas can really provide you with some amazing design inspiration. This certainly doesn’t require a trip around the world (although it can!). Obviously, the culture and architecture of other countries can spark a plethora of ideas— but you can glean some ideas locally, as well. Take a stroll through town, observing other houses in the area to get ideas for the exterior of your own home. Pay attention to the design scheme in any new buildings you visit to get ideas for your home’s interior. Maybe there are some things you really liked from an Airbnb you stayed at while on a weekend getaway. Whatever it is that stood out to you, consider incorporating it into your home. 

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a lot like pulling pictures out of magazines, but virtually. With the ability to browse pinboards and create your own, you can easily organize and share all the beautiful and creative ideas you love. In a nutshell, Pinterest is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream, and if you have the itch to begin a home design project, think about starting here first.

4. Design blogs

There are a wealth of interior design and decorating blogs available at your fingertips. Literally! A simple search will provide you with a long list of blogs that cover a wide range of topics and decorating ideas. Many bloggers take the time to explain their own design plans, struggles, and successes, which gives you a look into the real-life decorating process. Other blogs may feature professional interior designers and decorators, which can also be incredibly helpful depending on what projects you wish to accomplish in your home. 

5. Instagram

Don’t have time to pour over blogs? Instagram may be the way to go, then. Rather than step-by-step processes, designers offer a wide variety of images with short descriptions that are perfect if you just need some visuals. Simply scout out design accounts you like and then follow them for regular inspiration. 

6. Family and Friends

While you don’t necessarily want to mimic everything you see in the homes of your friends and family, there is nothing wrong with incorporating some of the things you like into your own home. On the other hand, if it’s not full-on inspiration you seek, but rather advice, why not ask the people closest to you? Present them with your ideas to see what they think. Sometimes a second set of eyes and a different perspective can be incredibly helpful. 

7. Professional Designers and Decorators 

While the above can be helpful, there’s still nothing quite like the magical touch of a professional interior designer or interior decorator. In addition to having all the licensing and formal schooling, interior designers often have a close relationship with vendors (like us!) whose products you won’t see at your average home decor store. 

If you’re only doing some redecorating and not a renovation, consider hiring an interior decorator instead. They, too, can often find products for your home that will be even more tailored to your personal style. And, in today’s day and age, there are several virtual design services making it even easier to find a professional that can work with your schedule and your budget. 

To learn more about interior designers and interior decorators pop over to our blog titled What You Should Know About Interior Designers and Decorators.

When the time comes to bring your design and decorating ideas to life in your home, let us help. From discount design fabrics to accessories to custom decor and furniture, we have just about everything you need for epic style.

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