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How to Make an Impact With Texture and Incorporate Texture in Home Decor

When decorating the interior of a home, texture often takes a backseat to color and pattern. While those two elements are important, they can’t quite stimulate the senses the way texture does. Textures add dimension and allow different elements to play off one another, which keeps the space from looking flat. Let’s look at some ways you can add some texture, which will impact the look and feel of your entire design.

Interesting Ways to Incorporate Texture

1. Textiles

Many people rely on fabrics to bring texture into the space, and rightfully so. Textiles are the easiest and most budget-friendly way to add textures to your home decor. Rugs, curtains, bedding, slipcovers, pillows, throws, ottomans, and even upholstery can easily give your home a visual lift. Dress up your decor with faux fur, chunky knits, smooth silks, crochet, shag, tweed, leather, velvet, woven wools, and other natural fibers (bonus points for adding fabric trim, tufting, bead, sequins, nailhead trim, and pintucking).

Tip: When adding rugs to your space, consider layering them to enhance both the colors and textures.


2. Metallic Decor

Metallic decor is always trending, and since it’s more than okay to mix them, anything you choose will look stunning. Shiny smooth metals are beautiful, but ones that have a brushed or hammered finish will really elevate the texture in the room. Go glam with brass, copper, and sliver, or keep it rustic and industrial with something like exposed pipes. Metallics are so much fun to play with, you’ll have a hard time deciding how and where you want to use it!

3. Wood

Wood is a fantastic way to add texture to a space, and since it’s widely used just about everywhere, it’s really easy to come by. Wood is warm, inviting, and can be used in a variety of ways. The wood you choose can include anything from a weathered wood accent wall to rustic pieces of wood furniture. Other examples would be exposed wood beams on the ceiling,  raw-edge wooden shelves for your kitchen, or barn wood doors. Pretty much any raw, natural materials will work.

4. Stone, Bricks, and Tile

Natural elements are always on point when it comes to decor. Two of those elements that can really add texture to your space are stone and brick. Brick decor is very popular these days, especially brick accent walls, which match any design style you throw its way. If you don’t have original brick walls to keep exposed, consider using faux brick panels. When it comes to stone (or faux stone), consider adding it to walls, fireplaces, backsplashes, and showers.

Tiles are another decorating element that can rev up the texture in your home. Today, tile can be found in all sorts of colors, shapes, and finishes. Ribbed tiles are nice, but tiles that have slight variations in tones can look just as textual.

5. Backyard Beauty

Bring the outdoors in for an inexpensive splash of texture and style in your home. Houseplants and indoor trees, of course, are the easiest way to do this. Not only are houseplants and indoor trees pretty, but they also have a multitude of health benefits, including air purification. Fresh-cut flowers are another easy way to bring the outdoors in. While you can certainly buy fresh flowers, it’s nice to grow your own if you can grow your own. But don’t forget to be creative. Step outside and collect items such as pine cones, sea shells, leaves and branches, which also make lovely decor.

6. Wall Coverings

Textured walls have the ability to make any room feel extra special. Since walls (and ceilings) are blank canvases, why not add something to them that will elevate the visual interest of the room? Textured wallpaper like grasscloth, faux finishes, patterned paper, and even wainscoting, are ideal ways to add some life to the space. Some retailers not only have wallpaper that has visual depth, but they also carry paper that actually has a raised design. Other retailers also carry paper that can be painted, allowing you to personalize your interior even more.

Remember, a room is more interesting when several textures are present. Don’t be afraid to layer them throughout the space. Layering your lighting and adding various shades of color will also bring out the best of your textures, so try to mix it up a bit.

Ready to take your home’s textures to a whole new level? We have several textiles that can help get you started. Browse online or come into CUTTING CORNERS near  Plano, TX to check out the latest designer upholstery fabrics available at amazing prices.

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