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Making Small, Dark Bathrooms Brighter

When it comes to light and a sense of openness, it seems as though the bathroom gets the least attention in the construction home. The good news is that you don’t have to feel boxed in. Whatever situation you find yourself in poor lighting, no windows, or just an all-around small space there are ways to make it brighter.


Lighten the color palette

This is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger and look brighter. White by far, is the most powerful color to make that happen, but it is definitely not the only option. When it comes to wall color, think light, not bright. Pearlescent colors, pastels or soft, smoky colors are all great choices. Things such as flooring and vanities should also be kept light. Switching out dark fabrics (shower curtain, window treatment, seating cushion, etc) for lighter ones can help, but may provide the right amount of contrast if you lighten the rest of the room. If you are fortunate to have a window however, using sheers will let more natural light in while still maintaining privacy. In regards to fixtures, hardware and accessories, go with something metallic, glass or Lucite. All will reflect light, brightening the space even more.

Upgrade your lighting

Sometimes a bathroom looks dreary simply because the lighting is minimal or outdated. If minimal, consider adding more fixtures or at the very least, a bigger one. Chandeliers make a great overhead fixture if you’re looking to add some flair to the space. Wall sconces are another good way to bring in more light. If your light is simply outdated, replace what you have and if possible, use higher-wattage bulbs.

Minimize the accessories

Clutter can accumulate everywhere including the bathroom. And while accessories are nice, too many in a small space can make it feel extremely cramped. Take time to de-clutter, removing anything that isn’t used every day. Store what you can behind closed cabinet doors or move unnecessary items out for good. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger a space will look simply by removing excess clutter.

Add extra reflective surfaces

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are excellent tools for tricking the eye. If you have extra room on a wall, hang an additional mirror or shelving with mirror trim. Even something as simple as this can make your bathroom appear much brighter.

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