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Mixing and Matching Heavy- and Lightweight Fabrics

Whether it’s for fashion or for home decor, when it comes to fabrics, we’re often dazzled by colors and patterns more than we are by weight and durability. And while there’s nothing wrong with falling in love with a fabric for its looks, it’s important to make sure that it will serve your purpose well.


In the grand scheme of things, interior fabric weights can be broken down into three categories: light, medium and heavy. A fabric’s category is based on how many ‘double rubs’ it can withstand. Lightweight fabrics cap out at 9,000 double rubs, medium weight at 15,000 and heavy, even higher (note: 3,000 double rubs is equivalent to one year’s worth of use). When it comes to use in the home, medium weight fabrics are the most versatile and can be used just about anywhere. Light and heavy fabrics are wonderful options as well, but can be harder to mix together in a space unless you know what they’re best suited for. Again, this goes back to its strength and durability.

When we talk about lightweight fabrics, think of fabrics such as linen, silk and microfiber. In regards to heavy weight fabrics, think of fabric like wool and velvet. If you have these types of fabrics pictured in your mind it tends to be easier to mix and match them.

Just as with any fabric mixing and matching, try to stick with the rule of three, meaning don’t have more than three patterns in one space. Other than that, it all comes down to where the fabric will be used.

If you have a piece of furniture that gets heavy use, you probably shouldn’t go with a lightweight fabric. Instead, go with something heavier that will be durable through the increased useage. A good example of multiple-weighted fabrics blending together could be something as simple as velvet drapes on the windows with complimenting accent pillows in silk or faux silk on the sofa covered in a medium-weight fabric.  For a wider variety of textures, you could go with something more extensive like tweed or rough linen chairs, a velvet couch, linen pillows and a leather ottoman.

Always remember to tie your fabrics together with a similar color so it makes sense. As long as the fabrics compliment each other in color and serve their purpose well you can have a beautifully decorated space with a mix of both light and heavy fabrics.

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