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Mudroom Madness – Design the Ultimate Entry Room

Mudrooms are a common solution in rural areas, but even a suburbanite can appreciate them. If you aren’t sure what a mudroom is, a mudroom can be summed up as a small room that serves as a transition point between the entryway and the living space. In other words, it’s the gateway from outdoors to indoors. And while its claim to fame is a drop spot for muddy footwear and clothing, this hardworking space can be so much more. When packed with clever built-ins and ample storage, a mudroom can also become a double-duty space that can accommodate anything from folding laundry to making crafts.

Mudroom Madness Farmers Branch Designer Fabric Shop

A Mudroom Should Be as Individual as Its Owner

There are infinite ways you can design a mudroom–and the best way to create the ideal space is to think of everything you might need out of it. What will its purpose be? Strictly a drop zone or a multifunctional space? Do you have children? Pets? Consider how you and your family live and then list out all the features that will make it a space that everyone will enjoy.

Some items you might want/need to store could include:

  • Winter attire like hats, gloves, and scarves
  • Shoes
  • Purses, lunchboxes, and backpacks
  • Keys
  • Mail
  • Pet bowls, leashes, and toys
  • Sporting equipment, such as balls, rackets, and yoga mats

You Don’t Have a Mudroom But Want One. Now What?

If your house didn’t come with a designated mudroom, not all hope is lost because there’s usually some sort of space that could be reimagined and revamped into a functional area to bring harmony to that transition between outside and in.

  • Adapt your entryway. Even a small entryway area could be converted into more of a “mudroom” area simply by adding a storage feature and filling it with decorative storage baskets to keep it looking nice and tidy.
  • Combine it with the laundry room. If no additional space is in sight, consider merging with an existing space, such as the laundry area. By adding vertical cabinetry, you can make even the narrowest of spaces a clean and functional area.
  • Build an addition. This isn’t always an option for families, but if you have the means and the ability, go for it! If you’re building a home from scratch, consider working it into your floor plan.
  • Keep it outside. Have a covered porch or patio? If so, you can create a mudroom outside. Simply section off an area that can be used to kick off those shoes and store items you need on the fly.
  • Add Decor. Put some decorations on open shelves, simple art on the walls or your favorite sayings and create a personalized space. Make sure to paint with a fun color, either bold or subdued and add in some throw pillows if you have a bench for taking off shoes.

Mudroom Must-Haves

Mudrooms are all about practicality, so that’s exactly what you should focus on. Some key features that make your mudroom go from mundane to magnificent include:

  • Storage. Your mudroom should have as much built-in storage as possible, as well as hooks for hanging essentials. And don’t forget the baskets (or drawers) for easy access.
  • Seating. Mudrooms aren’t just for kicking shoes off, they’re also for putting shoes on, so seating is essential. Depending on your style, you may want a bench with an eye-catching upholstered cushion or something simpler, like a single wooden chair. Whatever you choose, having a place to sit will be helpful.
  • Flooring. This area is going to get dirty, so sturdy, easy-to-clean surfaces are the way to go. Throw down a rug for a pop of color.

Depending on your lifestyle, you might also want to consider mirrors, a desk, or even a shower. Adding some color with a feature wall and some plants can also really spruce the space up.

Are you mad for mudrooms? Come see us for discount designer fabrics perfect for mudroom benches and accessories that can make your mudroom marvelously beautiful!

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