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Small Space Decorating with Bold Prints and Patterns

At first glance, bold graphic prints may seem too visually overwhelming for a petite room. However, when thoughtfully incorporated, lively patterns and prints can add energy and style to small spaces without cluttering the feel.

Strategically limit bold patterns to one or two key focal points in the room so the look doesn’t become chaotic. An energizing accent wall covered in graphic wallpaper or vividly printed drapes on the windows are ideal ways to instantly liven up an otherwise neutral small space.

Small Space Decorating With Bold Prints And Patterns Hebron Fabric StoreWhen selecting prints, pay attention to their scale and opt for smaller-scale motifs like ditsy florals rather than large, exotic patterns that could quickly overwhelm. Smaller prints maintain visual interest without dominating. Consider mixing multiple smaller scale patterns in complementary palettes for additional dimension.

Keep major furniture pieces and linens in solid, neutral hues so the space doesn’t get too visually busy. Then punctuate with tosses, art, and accessories in vibrant prints for pops of color and pattern. If your sofa or chairs are printed, choose bedding in understated solids and subtle textures.

Clever Optics

Use the power of illusion by incorporating mirrors and reflective metallic finishes to make a petite room feel larger and more spacious. Visually enlarging the space helps balance out any visual weight from bold patterns. Mirrored furniture or large mirror installations are impactful.

Be cautious of competing prints. If your drapes boast an oversized floral, keep upholstery and bedding quiet in solids and subtle textures. Or thoughtfully layer large and small-scale prints for charm instead of conflict. Coordinate color schemes of layered patterns so they feel cohesive.

Infuse light into the space. Sheer window coverings or drapes featuring punchy patterns still allow light to stream in, opening up the feel. Consider frosted glass finishes on lamps, partitions or windows too. Light prevents bold dark patterns from feeling confining.

Paint small room walls in light, bright neutral hues like soft white, pale gray or buttery yellow. This prevents bolder fabrics from making the space feel too dark and enclosed. Bright walls keep the ambiance airy.

Cleverly use bold prints on 3D focal elements like cylindrical floor lamps, ottomans, or artwork. Curving surfaces help patterns feel less imposing. Group colorful printed accessories in vignettes rather than scattering.

Balance walls covered in graphic print with furniture and accents in solid neutral hues. The simplicity surrounding the pattern allows the eye to focus without competing elements.

By deftly mixing in vivid prints while adhering to scale, allowing ample light, and using patterns judiciously, you can energize even the most pint-sized space in style. Careful curation results in small rooms packed with personality, devoid of clutter or chaos.

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