Subtle Ways Farmhouse Design Is Different From Rustic Interior Design North Dallas Farmhouse Decor 1 Jpg

Subtle ways farmhouse design is different from rustic interior design

While both farmhouse and rustic interior design styles are characterized by natural materials and a warm, cozy aesthetic, there are some subtle differences between the two if you are looking to tell them apart. Farmhouse design is known for its cozy and inviting aesthetic, while rustic design is typically characterized by a more rugged and raw aesthetic. Rustic interiors often feature unfinished or distressed wood and exposed brick, whereas farmhouse interiors tend to be more polished and refined.

Subtle Ways Farmhouse Design Is Different From Rustic Interior Design North Dallas Farmhouse Decor

Color palette: Farmhouse design often uses a neutral color palette with shades of white, beige, and gray. Rustic design on the other hand, tends to use richer more bold colors, earthy if you will… shades of brown, green, and red.

Furniture: Farmhouse design features simple and functional furniture pieces that are both comfortable and stylish. Rustic design often incorporates more primitive or rustic furniture, such as log furniture or pieces with a rough-hewn appearance.

Accents: Farmhouse design often features rustic accents such as reclaimed wood accents, galvanized metal fixtures, and vintage signs. Rustic design, on the other hand, often incorporates more natural elements such as animal hides, antlers, and stone.

Textiles: Both styles feature cozy textiles such as wool blankets, plaid throws, and fluffy pillows, but farmhouse interiors often incorporate lighter-weight fabrics like linen and cotton, while rustic interiors tend to use heavier fabrics like burlap and leather.

Farmhouse Fabrics

Here are some pattern fabrics that work well with farmhouse interior design:

Gingham: This classic pattern is perfect for farmhouse style. Gingham comes in a variety of colors, but the most popular are red, blue, and black.

Plaid: Plaid is another classic pattern that works well with farmhouse style.

Floral: A floral pattern can add a touch of femininity to a farmhouse space. Look for muted colors and small-scale prints.

Stripes: Stripes can add a nautical feel to a farmhouse space. Look for blue and white or red and white stripes.

Toile: Toile is a classic pattern that features pastoral scenes. Look for toile in muted colors, like beige or blue.

Houndstooth: Houndstooth is a classic pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to a farmhouse space. Look for houndstooth in earthy colors, like brown or gray.

When choosing pattern fabrics for a farmhouse interior design, stick to classic patterns in muted colors. These patterns will help create a cozy and inviting space that’s true to the farmhouse aesthetic.

Adding a Rustic Touch

Rustic style shares some similarities with farmhouse style, including a love for natural materials, warm color palettes, and cozy textures.

However, rustic style typically emphasizes a more rugged and natural look than farmhouse style. To complement this aesthetic, you might want to choose fabrics in earthy tones and natural textures, such as burlap or linen.

In addition to the patterns mentioned before, you could also consider incorporating other rustic patterns, such as:

  1. Tribal prints: These patterns feature geometric shapes and earthy colors that can add a touch of global style to a rustic space.
  2. Aztec prints: Similar to tribal prints, Aztec patterns are bold and graphic and can add visual interest to a rustic space.
  3. Animal prints: Animal prints, such as cowhide or leopard print, can add a touch of rustic glam to a space.

Overall, when choosing pattern fabrics for a rustic interior design, think about incorporating natural textures and earthy tones, as well as classic patterns with a rugged feel.

Farmhouse design and rustic interior design styles definitely share some similarities. However, farmhouse design tends to be more polished and refined with a neutral color palette and simple, functional furniture, while rustic design has a more rugged and raw aesthetic, with a focus on earthy colors, natural materials, and primitive or rustic furniture. Both have great qualities that are popular today. If you are looking for some fabric to spruce up your farmhouse decor, come by our store and see what we have in stock!

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