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Think Spring with Floral Fabrics

If there’s one thing that embodies spring, it’s flowers. Not only are flowers beautiful, but they also create positive and happy feelings, which is just one of the many reasons they should be incorporated into your home. If you’re looking for an easy way to bring spring into your home, do it with floral decor. Here are 3 ways you can add some cheerful blooms to your space that will complement each other.

Think Spring With Floral Fabrics Mckinney Designer Drapery Fabric Store

Flowers on upholstery fabric and home accents

Start with floral fabric and home accents to bring the flowers indoors. If you find a floral fabric you love and want to keep year-round, do something a bit more permanent such as upholstering a chair or seat cushions. Something less permanent but just as eye-catching is to deck your windows with stylish treatments covered in a floral pattern. An area rug is another superb way to get something floral into the space. Some other ways to bring flowers in are through accent pillows, bath or kitchen towels, area rugs, and bedding.

Want a big burst of flowers? Adding floral drapes to your living areas will accomplish this in a beautiful and elegant way.

You might be wondering, “But what exactly goes with floral upholstery?” Honestly, there are several ways you can make florals work in your home — and not just with other florals. 

It’s all in the mix… 

What you mix with your florals matters, especially if you want to create a cohesive and intentional look within the interior of your home. To help make that happen, here are some tips on what mixes well with floral prints. 

  • Simple graphic prints. Something like an area rug in a large-scale graphic print and/or window treatments in a small-scale graphic print can really help anchor a floral piece to a room. As long as they all share a common color, it works! Incorporating some solid upholstery will help maintain balance and keep the space from looking too busy. 
  • White. If you fell in love with a large floral piece, such as a sofa, keep everything else around it white (or a pale neutral). Doing so will take out the guesswork and let the piece take center stage. 
  • Leather. It’s likely you’ve seen a floral sundress paired with a pair of cowgirl boots. Well, that about describes what pairing floral upholstery with leather is like. The combo is easy, down-to-earth, and incredibly stylish! 
  • Animal prints. Pairing a floral print with an animal print might sound ridiculous, but it works! Believe it or not, animal prints are a lot like blue jeans — they go with anything. If your floral piece is on the large side, opt for a small ottoman or rug in an animal print. When paired together, the look can be beautifully eclectic and glamorous. 

If all else fails, simply create a color scheme from your floral print. Take the colors within the print and scatter a few of them throughout the space — one hue that could be used on the walls, one hue for a solid upholstery color, and another that can be used in smaller decorative accents. 

As long as the colors complement a floral print really will mix easily with whatever patterns you throw its way!

Flowers on the wall

A fun way to add floral elements to a space is by adding them to the wall. One way to do it is by painting some on the wall by hand. This would be especially fun for a young girl’s bedroom. For something a bit more sophisticated, go for wallpaper. Floral wallpaper might seem intimidating, but considering how much it has evolved over the years, there’s no reason to shy away from it. Another way to get your flower fix is to simply hang art prints or paintings that have floral themes.

Flowers in the fresh

Fresh flowers in vases are by far one of the best ways to bring spring into your home. Fragrant blooms resting on a table or mantle are very appealing but it doesn’t have to stop there. Be sure to focus on the outside of the home as well by adding some curb appeal. There’s just something extra special about fresh cut flowers in the house courtesy of your own flower garden.

However, you choose to incorporate flowers into your home is up to you. Whether you go big or go small, adding floral decor to your space is never a bad idea. Enjoying the beauty that they bring will help enhance the season while it’s here.

When the time comes to add beauty to your home with florals, be sure to check out the floral fabrics we have to offer and find your favorite one. Visit us at CUTTING CORNERS to check out the latest designer upholstery fabrics available at amazing prices.

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