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Timeless Decorating Trends

Home decorating trends can be difficult, and sometimes frustrating, to keep up with.  And since there’s never any certainty as to what will stick around, it can be hard to pick and choose what you should incorporate into your home. Thankfully, there are timeless, no-fail trend worth considering when you decide to decorate. Let’s look at four main ones.


(1)  Find functional furniture

If it can’t be used, then it might not be worth buying. Consider your space and those living in it when the time comes to purchase furniture. If it the piece won’t provide you with something beneficial (i.e. being okay to sit on, serving up ample storage, etc), then find something that will. A great, well built piece of furniture will last for generations with some basic care. However, just because a piece stays in great condition, does not mean the fabric is still in style. Check out our post on Classic Home Colors to pick upholstery fabric colors that will work through color and decor trends.

(2)  Aim for comfort

Comfort is essential for the long haul. It’s only natural that you want furniture that looks nice, but if it’s not comfortable to sit or lay on then it’ll probably have to be replaced much sooner than anticipated. As with functionality, consider those living in the house and find something that everyone can enjoy. If you take the time to look, you will find things that are not only comfortable, but pleasing to the eye as well.

(3)  Stick with neutral palettes, incorporating color through accents

It can be overwhelming to choose which hot new colors you love. If you don’t choose carefully, you could end up being stuck with making a change because it’s not something you love anymore. This is why you just can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette. Keep in mind though that neutral doesn’t have to mean beige. Green is a neutral. So is gray, and even blue. If you do stick with muted colors however, you can incorporate bolder ones with accents like pillows, a painted piece of furniture, an upholstered chair (or cushion) and wall art.

(4)  Buy with the mindset of quality, rather than quantity

This concept doesn’t just apply to furniture. It can also apply to decorations throughout the home. When it comes to furniture, you’ll end up paying just as much, if not more, filling your home with trendy and poorly made pieces, than you will investing in something that will stand the test of time. So choose wisely. The same goes for decorations. You don’t have to fill the walls with a ton of pictures or overload shelves with knick knacks. Be selective and remember that less can be more.

Keep in mind that the whole house doesn’t have to follow the “timeless” trends. In fact, grabbing hold of some of the latest trends and using them in your home can keep your place looking fresh. Using them in small ways such as covering pillows in the latest fabrics or painting an accent wall in the season’s hottest color, will allow you to make changes on a whim, without consuming a lot of time or money.

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