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Tips for Perfecting a Dining Room Rug

Rugs are the perfect addition to a home, but in the dining room, getting a rug that’s just right can be tricky. In the dining room you have to think about crumbs and chairs getting hung up, so finding the right one often takes a bit more, though. Here are some tips for perfecting a dining room rug, so it brings the color, texture and warmth that you crave to the space.


  1. Aim for larger, rather than smaller. You don’t want a rug that overpowers the space, but you do want one that fits your dining area properly. If in doubt, err on the side of it being too big. A good rule of thumb to remember is that a dining room rug should have at least 24 inches of extra room on all sides of the dining table. Add the 24 inches for each side once you measure your dining table and then mark the floor with painter’s tape. If your markings fall well inside your other dining room pieces, consider going for an even larger rug.
  2. Go with a flat weave or short pile rug in easy-to-clean materials. Where there is food and drink, spills are inevitable, so go with something practical. Flat weave and short pile rugs in natural fibers such as cotton and wool are going to be the easiest to keep clean. Keep in mind, however, that natural fibers that are finer and smoother in texture will be easier to clean than nubby natural fiber rugs. The bottom line is that those fluffy rugs made of synthetic blends should be saved for the spaces where they will require less cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Match the rug to the shape of the room and the table. When you echo the shape of the room with your rug the space is more pleasing to the eye. A rectangular rug will look best in a rectangular room, but if the room is square, you can get away with a square or a round rug. In regards to matching the shape of your table, here are your main options: round table with a round or square rug, rectangular and oval tables with a rectangular rug, and square tables with square rugs (if you’re feeling playful however, opt for something round).
  4. Keep the entire space in mind. This is important if you have an open floor plan. Before you throw a rug under your dining table, look at all the spaces around it. If your floor plan is open, and you’ll be using more than one rug, then find something that will complement everything else in the surrounding space.
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