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Top Benefits of Shopping Online for Fabric

Buying fabric online has become increasingly popular over the years. Thanks to the internet, the way we buy things has become revolutionized. While there are still several perks to conventional shopping at a retail store, there are times when getting your fabric online is best. Here we’ll take a look at some of the top benefits (and a few downfalls) of shopping online for your upholstery and drapery materials.


The Advantages of Buying Fabric Online 


This is probably one of the biggest reasons people shop online. There are times when it’s just easier, not to mention more comfortable, to shop via the internet. Seriously, where else can you do shopping in your pajamas and according to your own personal schedule? There are no crowds to push through and no waiting, meaning purchases can be wrapped up in minutes. 

Another convenient perk is being able to order swatches whenever the mood strikes. You can hold them up to your walls, against your fabric, etc. The ability to have swatches and other samples sent right to your door takes the guesswork out of whether or not a certain fabric will work for you.

Bigger Selection

Shelf space can be pretty limited in a physical store, which means your selection is pretty limited. This isn’t true with online stores where choices are abundant. If you don’t see what you want at one store online, the beauty of it is that you can simply move onto the next one. 

Special Deals

You can get really great deals in the store, but every now and then, you’ll catch a special deal that is only offered online. Whether it’s an item only being sold online or simply an extra promo code for a few extra bucks off, it’s worth looking online every now and then. Furthermore, just as brick and mortar stores compete with each other price-wise, so do online retailers. 

Another perk about buying fabric online is that you can often get old patterns for rock bottom prices. Many stores get old patterns off the shelf fairly quickly, while online suppliers tend to keep more in stock. 

Fewer Expenses

When you go to the store, you run the risk of impulse buying. Retailers will have signs or other incentives that motivate you into buying more than you actually need. When you opt to buy your fabric online, that chances of purchasing excess, as well as unnecessary product, is greatly reduced. Furthermore, staying at home cuts out additional expenses such as eating out for lunch or gas for traveling.  Of course, you can always go overboard online too!

The Disadvantages of Buying Fabric Online

While there are certainly many perks to buying your fabric online, there are a few things that might be considered a disadvantage to some people. When you purchase online, you don’t get: 

Instant Gratification

If you aren’t internet savvy, prefer to pay with cash, or need your product immediately, then online purchases might not be the ideal solution for you. Shopping online means wading through websites, having some sort of credit card or payment account like PayPal, and waiting for it to ship. You don’t have to worry about any of that when you want into a fabric store.

Hands-On Experience

Visiting a fabric store in person gives you the opportunity to touch and feel the merchandise— something that’s impossible to do from your computer at home. Being able to feel the fabric with your hands can often give you a better idea as to whether or not it will work for your space. Additionally, fabric store showrooms also have other items that can trigger your design inspiration.

Face-to-Face Communication  

When you visit a fabric supplier in person, you’re able to speak directly with sales associates equipped with the knowledge to answer any questions you may have. They can often reaffirm your current choices or direct you to other options in the showroom that might resolve any challenges you may be facing during your decorating project. While you can certainly chat with a store representative online or over the phone, sometimes it helps to have that personal connection. 

What to Do Before Making Any Final Purchases

Again, there are some great perks to buying fabric online. Still, it doesn’t hurt to take a few things into consideration before you make any final purchases. 

For one, take time to scroll through some customer reviews to see if they are a reputable supplier. Also, be sure to read the policies on returns and verify that they are able to be contacted should your order turn out to be something other than what you wanted.  You can read our company’s service policy here.  Unlike online-only retailers, you won’t end up on indefinite hold or fighting automated menus to speak to a person; one of our team members from any one of our locations would be happy to assist. 

Ready to get some new fabric in your home? Visit us online or, of course, at one of our retail locations Addison TX. We have the latest designer upholstery fabrics available at amazing prices including faux leather and suede, cotton, and silks.


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