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5 Situations Where a Round Rug Could Be the Better Choice for Your Space

The unexpected curves of a round rug are such a welcome change to the square and rectangular rugs we predominantly see among home interiors. That being said, why don’t we see round area rugs used as frequently? Truth be told, classic four-sided rugs are just easier. In fact, you could almost say that in the design world, rectangular rugs are a law of nature.

Perfect Place For A Round Area Rug In Dallas

If you think about it, the rooms we dwell in, as well as the furniture we fill them with, typically contain right angles. Therefore, it just makes sense to choose a rug that doesn’t take nearly as much thought. Certain times, however, do call for a circular rug. Here are some guidelines to help you know when a round rug is the right choice for your room.  

1. Your home has curved architectural details worth highlighting 

If your home happens to have a unique curved space, embrace it by pairing the architecture with a round area rug. Not only will it complete the overall look of the room, but it will also enhance the architecture to a whole new level. For example, a round rug can really set off the curved shape of a bay window. Top it off with a round coffee table and you’ve got yourself a room that has been elevated to a whole new level. 

2. You have a special or circular object you want to showcase 

A round rug is perfect for showcasing items like chandeliers, tables, and even pianos! Be sure, however, to center the rug directly beneath the round light fixture or dining table (or whatever you have) for maximum effect. If it is a round dining table your rug will be under, make sure the rug is large enough to fit dining chairs even when you pull them out to sit down.

3. You need to define an otherwise undefined area 

Rugs are wonderful for defining spaces. In many cases, this comes in handy for open-concept floor plans. Sometimes, however, the room is large enough allowing for a separate functional space such as a reading nook. A round rug underneath a comfy accent chair and side table is a perfect way to make that part of the room have its own voice. To ensure a cohesive appearance and maximize definition, make sure at least some part of all pieces of furniture touch the rug. It will instantly create a vignette, which adds a sense of intimacy.

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4. You want a small room to appear bigger than it actually is

A round rug is a clever way to trick the eye into making a room feel larger. Rather than focusing on straight edges that run parallel to the walls, round rugs encourage the eye to scan across the arc of the room instead. This creates the appearance of a less cluttered, more spacious space. A circular rug also adds visual interest to the room, which distracts the eye from the size of the room.

5. You dig the layered look

Layering rugs have proven to be a trend that isn’t going anywhere. This is especially good for those of us who have a hard time narrowing down our choices. Hands down, placing a round rug over wall-to-wall carpeting or a large area rug is a terrific option if you want to introduce a bold color or pattern to your space. Not only will the unexpected round shape be a statement in itself, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to inject a bold or bright pattern thus giving the room a more designed, artistic look.

6. A standard rug just doesn’t work 

Rugs typically come in standard sizes, including the popular 5 x 8 feet and 8 x 10 feet. Sometimes, however, things like furniture or structural features just don’t allow for the norm. This is where a round rug may come in handy. Its shape often requires less space, making it easier to work around any decorating challenges. For a harmonious look, make the rug big enough for all of a room’s major furniture pieces to touch.

Top Spaces Where Round Rugs Really Shine

While you can certainly use a round rug where you see fit, there are certain areas of the home where they really make a big decor statement. Some great spaces that can really benefit from the beauty of a round rug include: 

  • A child’s room. Hands down, the whimsicalness of a round rug is a perfect pick for a nursery, playroom, or bedroom.
  • A bathroom. Think about how cute a round rug would look by a claw-footed tub! 
  • The entryway or mudroom. The right round rug can really add a splash of delight to areas that get a lot of foot traffic. 

Did you know that many of our rugs are available in round shapes? Be sure to check them out in-store or online!

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