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Virtual Interior Design: 5 Popular Services to Help Decorate Your Home

Designing rooms can be tricky. After all, for many of us, it can be hard to visualize what the end result will be. That’s where the professional comes into play — that interior designer or interior decorator who can flawlessly pull all the pieces together into one amazing picture. But, hiring a professional can cost a lot. Sometimes a lot more than we can, or even want, to spend. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see the vision without having to pay so much for it? Or, if there was a cost, couldn’t the work be done without having to pour over fabric swatches and paint chips in person? The good news is that both of those things are more than possible!

We live in a “there’s an app for that” world, and it’s no different when it comes to interior design and decorating. In fact, virtual decorating apps and virtual interior design have become quite commonplace these days. Now, instead of hoping for a good outcome, you can see what your design ideas actually look like before you implement them, all with the touch of your finger. Conversely, you can “meet” with an interior designer or decorator from the comfort of your own home and right in front of your computer screen. 

Virtual Interior Design 5 Popular Services To Help Decorate Your Home Dfw FabricsWhile these types of tools aren’t for everyone, they are the way of the future and certainly worth checking out. If anything, they can certainly be a more affordable help option for projects that need a quick turnaround, such as basic redecorating or reorganizing decor and furniture. Below are 5 good online virtual programs for planning and designing your home. 

1. Modsy

Founded by Shanna Tellerman, Modsy is an online interior design service that provides ultrarealistic, 3D design renderings created by real designers. Simply upload photos of the room to their website, answer a multiple-choice style quiz so they can understand you better, and wait for your first design. From there, you can continue to work with your Modsy designer to try new layouts or furniture styles until you’re 100% happy. Once you land on a design you love, you can shop your whole look (or just the parts you love) in one easy checkout. Modsy offers three different pricing packages suitable for every budget. 

2. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is an intuitive tool that lets you experiment with different elements of home planning. The results can be seen in impressive 2D plans and 3D visualizations, as well as a Virtual Reality tour through your project. This program is offered on many different platforms for free and can be used by beginners and professionals alike in order to create a dream-worthy space. 

3. CB2 Interiors

CB2 Interiors is very similar to Modsy, but with a lower entry price. Whether you connect with a designer online or in person, you get a couple of 3D renderings that are rearrangeable and swappable. Initial consultations are free and last 45 minutes. Any additional design fees after that will be credited back toward merchandise you’ve decided to purchase for your home. 

4. Spacejoy

If you are an avid DIYer and enjoy browsing rooms on Pinterest or Instagram, then Spacejoy might be the perfect design solution for you. Found a picture of a room you’d like to mimic in your own home? The professionals at Spacejoy will make that happen. Simply share the image with them and they’ll recreate it in your own space in a variety of ways based upon which of their three package options they have to offer. After that, it’s all up to you! Make it personal by selecting the perfect pieces of furniture and decor either individually or as one of their curated sets. 

5. roomLift

roomLift is a beautiful blend of high-tech and traditional design. As with most of the other services listed above, some pictures and a questionnaire of sorts are in order to jumpstart the design process. What makes roomLift different, however, is that you receive something tangible in return — a curated box containing everything from floor plans and paint and wallpaper samples to shopping lists. It’s what they call “actionable inspiration for your unique space.” After you’ve had time to pursue the items they sent, you’ll have a short conversation with the designer so they can hear your thoughts. 

Cutting Corners For Your Home Interior Needs

When you have your design or decorating plan in place and are in need of fabrics, furniture, and/or accessories, we are here to help. Stop by the showroom or browse our selections online — we have something that speaks to every design style. 

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