1. Dressing Up Your Holiday Table

    Decorating and Accessorizing for the Holidays Throughout the course of a year we find ourselves gathered with friends and family around the table. Fabric Resource is here to help inspire you with ideas on creating a beautiful and eye-catching place for you to entertain those special people in your life. Here are some tips and […]
  2. Revive Your Bathroom Design With Fabric

    As a general rule, kitchens and bathrooms can be two of the most costly rooms to renovate. Not everyone however, has the budget to tackle a big project like that. If you fall into that category, consider bringing in additional fabric or updating the current fabric that already exists. If the bathroom is not used […]
  3. Reupholstering Chairs & Cushions

    Reupholstering Chairs & Cushions
    General wear and tear is bound to happen on furniture, especially items that are sat on regularly. When this happens, pitching it to the curb isn't always the solution. Often times, it can be revived with a little TLC. Instead of replacing an old chair, give it new life by recovering the cushion. Not only […]
  4. Design the Perfect Teen Girl's Bedroom

    Design the Perfect Teen Girl's Bedroom
    With the ever-changing styles of young girls, it may seem impossible to design the perfect teenage room. With the right fabrics and furnishings however, it can be done. Here are some design ideas that will express your teenage girl's maturing style. Think Chevron No, we don't mean the gas station, but rather the pattern. A […]
  5. Area Rugs for Your Texas Home

    Area Rugs for Your Texas Home
    Sometimes the interior design of a home just isn't complete without an area rug. Area rugs are multifunctional and should really be considered when decorating your home. Not only do they bring color and style into a room, but they also protect your flooring. With that said, not all rugs are alike. When it comes […]
  6. Warm Up Your Home for Winter

    It’s that time of year again. Those warm days of summer, and mild days of fall, are about to be pushed aside by the cold. Even though the temperatures are dropping outside, that doesn’t mean it can’t stay warm inside.  One of the easiest ways to bring warmth into a home is with rich fabrics. […]
  7. Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

    Is your holiday spirit reflected in your home decor on a large scale, or do you have a minimalist approach? Whether you're a holiday decorating novice or a seasoned pro, here are 6 ideas that might inspire your home decor this season. Brighten Up Your Front Door There are quite a few ways you can […]
  8. Fall Fabric Color Schemes for 2012

    Fall Fabric Color Schemes for 2012
    Do you warm up your home for fall this time of year? What are your favorite color schemes? We all have our favorite colors and the two biggest areas that allow us to surround ourselves with them are fashion and home decor. Pantone, the color experts recently released their fall color picks for 2012. As […]
  9. Creative Fall Centerpieces for 2012

    Creative Centerpieces For Autumn As family and friends gather around your table, make sure you have a centerpiece that shows your holiday spirit as well as your creativity. Here are some great ideas that range from traditional to unique. The Classic Cornucopia  It's classic for a reason. The cornucopia is warm, welcoming, and exudes all things […]
  10. Designer Window Treatments and Drapery

    If you have ever wanted to update the look of any room in your home, making your own drapes just may be the way to go!  In many cases, custom drapes are cost prohibitive.  You can achieve the look you want, with the fabric of your dreams, by sewing your own custom drapes. What Design […]

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