Fall certainly brings thoughts of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, vibrant orange and red leaves, hay rides, warm lattes! It’s a fantastic time of year to decorate with a strong contrast to summer decor as we go from light and breezy to warm and cozy.  Personalization is key these days, and while you can take your style many routes there are definitely 5 trends that stand out the most.

5 Fall Home Decor Trends Youll Want to Watch in 2021 Plano Decor Store

1. High contrast color palettes

While there is certainly something visually soothing about using similar hues, there comes a time when you need a little contrast. This season is apparently the season for it. From what I’ve seen, this fall is all about creating color palettes that showcase both cool and warm colors together. Pantone’s Color Trend Report Fall/Winter 2021 is a great place to gather inspiration if a high-contrast color palette is something you’d be interested in for your home.

2. Texture

Tis the season for abundant texture. Think chunky-knit throw blankets, pillows, and ottomans--or anything else that feels heavy for that matter. Velvet is another excellent example of a textile rich with texture that can work wonders in a home regardless of how much or how little it is used. Layering in texture throughout a space can really elevate the coziness that is welcomed and expected this time of year.

3. Ambiance 5 Fall Home Decor Trends Youll Want to Watch in 2021 Plano Decor Store | Green Double Orchid In Gold Square

Remember the hygge trend? Well, that hasn’t really gone away. In fact, it’s only grown in popularity and we certainly see it this season. When it comes to decor, twinkle lights, candles, and lanterns are all popular tools that can emit a warm glow and create that relaxing atmosphere that’s fitting for the season.

4. Oversized florals 

You simply can’t go wrong with florals because they are always in style. This season, though, go big or go home. It is all about large-scale floral prints. Try it on throw pillows, rugs, and window treatments. Try it on an area rug, accent chair, or even on a wall. Whichever you choose, just remember the bigger the flowers the better.

5. Unique decorative accents

More and more we’re seeing a shift toward unique decorative accents. Handcrafted, vintage, and custom items that can be found on sites like Etsy, are all the rage--and rightfully so. Many homeowners today are looking to fill their home with decorative accents that truly reflect them and their style, which can be hard to do if you only shop at chain department stores.

Ready to incorporate one of these trends into your home? If it’s fabric you need, stop by one of our showrooms or browse online to see the beautiful, colorful and texture-rich options we have available.