If your home is beautifully decorated, but still feels as though something is missing, it probably is. And the thing it’s likely missing is an area rug! Rugs are a central part of interior design in most homes. Not only do they protect your flooring, but they also add comfort beneath your feet. Additionally, they are really excellent tools for enhancing your décor. Unfortunately, many people are making some common mistakes with their rugs, without even realizing it. Are you guilty? Here are 7 rug mistakes you may be making and how to correct them.

7 Common Area Rug Mistakes and How to Correct Them Allen Tx Area Rugs

1. Buying a rug that’s too small

Oftentimes, area rugs are used to create defined areas and set boundaries— both of which are difficult to do if the rug is too small. In fact, a rug that’s too small can interrupt the flow of a room, making the space appear fragmented and awkward. Consider this, when adding a rug to the: 

  • Living room: Aim for the length and width of the rug to extend past these dimensions of your sofa so that your feet touch the area rug rather than your flooring when sitting. 
  • Bedroom: Use a smaller rug that can be positioned about ⅓ of the way down under the bed so that it extends past the foot of the bed. Or, purchase an area rug large enough to be seen even once the furniture covers it.
  • Dining room: For round tables, shoot for an area rug that’s twice the diameter of the table that will be sitting on it. For square and rectangular tables, look for rugs that are just large enough for you to be able to pull the dining chairs out without touching the floor. 

If laying a rug down to fill an entire room, measure the room and subtract 2 to 3 feet from each dimension. The result will be a nice border of floor around the rug (roughly 1 to 2 feet from the walls on each side).  

2. Buying a rug that’s made of the wrong material

When purchasing a rug, you want to make sure that the material you select for the rug is going to hold up well for its intended space. For instance, wool rugs are durable, luxurious, and allergy-friendly. However, they are prone to absorbing moisture, which can leave them vulnerable to mold. Because of this, a wool rug wouldn’t be the best choice for the bathroom— or any other humid space, for that matter. The good news is that rugs are available in several materials that come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, making it simple to find something well-suited for the space. Prior to buying, take time to evaluate the purpose of the room and then do some research on what rugs would work best. 

3. Choosing the rug last 

As mentioned earlier, a rug can really enhance your decor. In fact, an area rug can serve as the perfect jumping-off point for creating a decorating scheme. For that reason, it is best to purchase the rug first, rather than last, when designing or decorating a room. It’s easy to replace a throw pillow that clashes, but an entire area rug? Not so much. Instead of trying to match the rug to the existing decor, work towards finding decor that works with the rug. Doing it any other way could really leave you struggling to find the perfect rug. 

4. Not layering a rug over carpet

A lot of people don’t feel the need to lay a rug down over carpet. After all, it’s already soft, right? The thing is, we know that rugs aren’t just about adding comfort, and they can make a huge design statement— even over the carpet! Don’t be afraid to throw down a rug you love even if it’s in a room without hardwood flooring. Additionally, consider layering a rug over a rug. Rug layering is a very popular trend these days that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

5. Skipping the rug pad

A rug pad might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it actually plays a very important role! The first is safety. A rug on the floor without a pad underneath will bunch up, slip, and slide, leaving anyone who crosses it vulnerable to a fall. The second is extra cushioning. Some rugs can be thin and a rug pad adds more body to it. 

6. Ignoring cleaning instructions

Just like clothing, area rugs come with very specific cleaning instructions. Considering that an area rug is a much bigger investment, it’s extremely important that you follow those instructions closely. Don’t just assume that you can wash your rug with soap and water. Depending on the material, it may require a special cleaner. 

7. Spending too much, or too little

No doubt that a good area rug is an investment. You certainly don't want your rug to fade, discolor, or wear out within a few years. With that said, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Not that those pricier rugs aren’t nice, it’s just that they aren’t always necessary. In fact, there are other more budget-friendly options, such as the rugs in our collection, that will get the job done just as well. Be sure to browse multiple retailers and only pay a price that seems fair to you. 

When the time comes to add a new rug (or two) to your home, be sure to browse our selection of quality, affordable designer rugs. We have something that will suit every design style.