While there's nothing new about custom decor, it is becoming increasingly popular these days. The idea of having something specially tailored to fit your personality and style is very appealing, so it's no wonder more and more people are seeking ways to incorporate something custom made into their abode.

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One thing, however, that doesn't come to mind as quickly as other custom items are shower curtains. Many people have walk-in showers, but there are still several homes out there in need of a curtain. Typically, a shower curtain is simply considered a functional aspect of the space, being that it keeps the water inside the shower and off the floor--but they are so much more than that. Shower curtains are the focal point in the bathroom, so they are worth careful consideration. If you have a custom designed bathroom, it only makes sense to complete the design with a custom curtain. If you don't, however, a custom shower curtain can still make a world of difference in the space.

A shower curtain in the bathroom is essentially the equivalent to drapery in the rest of the home. The right shower curtain can give your bath a rich designer look, and thankfully, when you go custom, you can give your bathroom the exact look you want.

When designing your custom fabric shower curtain, there are many routes you can take to give it that personal touch. You can replace button holes with grommets, sew the curtains as panels with tiebacks or a coordinating valance, or have them made with a rod pocket, so it slides directly onto the tension rod.

When it comes to fabric, just about anything will do. Some popular choices include fabrics like cotton, hemp, polyester, lace, silk, linen, canvas, and burlap. They each have their pros and cons, so it's important that you take the curtain's use into consideration. For example, a guest bath that rarely gets used could handle a silk shower curtain. A bathroom that is used daily would not--unless you like a curtain riddled with hard-to-clean water spots. Natural fabrics feel and look more luxurious, but they are higher maintenance than synthetics. Synthetics are by far the most affordable and are known for their water repellent properties, which help reduce mildew.

In the end, the design is all up to you--but we can at least get you started in the fabric department. Come in to see us, or browse our selection of multi-purpose fabrics online so that you can complete the look of your bath in a very designer way.

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