Moving into a new home or redecorating your current one can be very exciting. However, figuring out where everything will go can be a bit stressful. To eliminate anxiety, here are some tips for arranging furniture in a way that will make the rooms in your house look their best.


Measure Your Space

Nothing is worse than thinking something will fit and then finding out that it doesn’t. Before you make new purchases or start moving in old ones, be sure that you’ve measured the dimensions of the room and lengths of the walls. Don’t forget to measure the width of doorways and hallways, since you’ll need to make sure the piece can even make it into the house.

Showcase the Focal Point

One of the worst things you can do is neglect showcasing a focal point. Your focal point can be something like a window, a headboard, or a fireplace. It could even be a particular piece of furniture like a bookcase or a sofa. If possible, avoid blocking its view. For the room to have the most impact, the focal point should be readily visible to anyone walking into the room.

Create Balance

There are two types of balance in design: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical is when there are two of everything. Asymmetrical, on the other hand, which is the lack of symmetry, can still have balance, depending on how it’s positioned. While symmetry is generally easy to obtain, it can get boring at times. Adding asymmetry to a room can grab attention.

Have a Purpose 

Could someone walk into your house and know which room is the family room? To put it simply, each room needs to speak for itself. A family room would have things like a comfy sofa and chairs in front of a TV or a table in the corner for games. An office would have a desk and maybe some bookcases. Designing each room with a purpose in mind will eliminate any confusion and bring harmony to the space.

Size Variation

To add visual interest to your space, mix furnishings of various sizes. Avoid filling the room with the same size pieces. For example, a large sectional, overstuffed chairs and a big coffee table would be overpowering in one room. Something a little less cumbersome would be the large sectional, paired with some smaller armchairs and an end table or two. Keeping the sizes mixed will give the room character.

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