There are times when fabrics once considered a thing of the past need to be resurrected because they’re just plain awesome. That’s exactly what’s happening with bouclé, an old favorite that’s gaining new attention by many. But what is bouclé and is it a fabric worthy of your home? Keep reading to learn more about this trendy and stylish textile you’ll be seeing more of in 2022. 

Boucle An Old Favorite Thats Back and Better Than Before Dallas Fabric Store

What is Bouclé Fabric? 

Derived from the French word meaning “curled” or “ringed,” bouclé (pronounced boo͞-klā′) is often used to describe a yarn, made from a series of looped fiber, or the fabric made from it. Bouclé yarns have a looping structure that gives them a distinctive bumpy appearance and feel.

With its nubby and velvety quality, bouclé is the epitome of comfort. It’s also this same quality that makes it a simple way to add texture to your home’s interior. If it’s warmth and style you seek, bouclé will certainly deliver.

A Little Bouclé History

In the United States, bouclé’s surge in popularity dates back to 1940, with the debut of Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair—a piece designed per the request of architect and friend, Florence Knoll, who wanted a chair she could “really curl up in.” This particular creation led to the wider use of bouclé in other mid-century furniture designs. Additionally, bouclé became popular in the fashion world throughout the 1950s, specifically in clothing designs by Chanel. 

Back, and Better Than Ever

Just as it was popular then, it’s popular now— and more stylish than ever. In fact, it’s likely you can’t even scroll through Instagram without seeing it showcased in the homes of celebrities who have embraced it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Bouclé has been recently showcased on the cover of major fashion magazines as well, showing just how stylish and trendy it really is. 

What’s the draw? Comfort and security, of course. After all, it doesn’t get much better than surrounding yourself with a fabric that’s akin to your favorite cozy sweater, does it? 

Using Bouclé In Your Home

Now that you know a bit more about bouclé, let’s talk about how you can style it in your home. Because of both its appearance and durability, bouclé is a beautiful choice for upholstery. Additionally, it’s ideal for rugs, accent pillows, throw blankets, and other items that can increase the amount of softness within a space. 

When it comes to color, that’s completely up to you! Bouclé in a variety of hues suitable to your needs. However, if your space simply needs an additional layer of interest, consider bouclé in a creamy white or light neutral.

In general, the fabric works best on furniture that has a sleek modern design. By adding bouclé to the crisp aesthetic can provide just the right amount of softness without taking away from the intended look. 

Using bouclé on a piece that already has decorative detailing, on the other hand, can make the piece look busy and confusing. Should you just want a pop of bouclé, opt for using it in other, smaller ways. 

Cutting Corners Has the Bouclé You Need

Are you in love with bouclé as much as we are? If so, be sure to stop by our showroom or browse online. In addition to our colorful selection of bouclé fabric, we have bouclé trim tape, which is perfect for adding a bit more style to items in your home that may need a tad more detail.