It can be hard to shift focus to fall and winter when summer is in full swing, but when it’s in the name of color, it’s totally worth it. Especially when it’s to talk about Pantone’s 2021/2022 fall and winter color palette. 

In true Pantone fashion, the palette for the upcoming seasons is fresh, fun, and incredibly versatile. A few colors are even versatile enough to span additional seasons! 

Cozy Up to Pantones Autumn Winter Color Palette for 2021 2022 DFW Discount Designer Fabric

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 emphasize “our desire for a versatile range of color that embraces and accommodates the various possibilities of our bifurcated lifestyle; colors that encourage personal expression whether sensible or quirky; colors that embrace the calm and healing as well as express a rainbow of hope and joyfulness.” Furthermore, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, states that this palette offers “a plethora of possibilities that support our lifestyle of continual reinvention and convey a promise of reemergence.”

So, as you continue to enjoy the summer sun and all the enjoyment that comes along with it, try to take a little time to think about how you can incorporate these great colors into your home. Before you know it, summer will come to a close and it’ll be time to embrace this palette to the fullest. 

The 10 seasonal favorites, which includes Pantone’s Color of the Year, are as follows: 

  1. Mykonos Blue (Pantone 18-4434)
  2. Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647)
  3. Leprechaun (Pantone 18-6022)
  4. Fuchsia Fedora (Pantone 18-2330)
  5. Pale Rosette (Pantone 13-1716)
  6. Adobe (Pantone 17-1340)
  7. Fire Whirl (Pantone 18-1453)
  8. Rhodonite (Pantone 19-3838)
  9. Spring Lake (Pantone 18-4221)
  10. Root Beer (Pantone 19-1228)

The autumn/winter classic core hues, which includes Pantone’s additional Color of the Year are: 

  1. Coconut Cream (Pantone 11-1007)
  2. Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104)
  3. Soybean (Pantone 13-0919)
  4. Olive Branch (Pantone 18-0527)

Versatile Colors for Any Home

Again, when it comes to color, Pantone knows how to create a palette that not only offers the opportunity to branch out into other seasons but can also work with any decorating style you throw its way. 

Are you as excited about these colors as we are? Do you have a favorite? We’re already thinking of all the great ways they can be incorporated into your home! Before you start your seasonal decorating changes, however, be sure to stop by one of our showrooms or visit us online to check out our quality fabrics— many of which, reflect the season’s hottest colors. In addition to our wide variety of fabrics, we have an incredible selection of rugs, accent pieces, and accessories that will complement any design style.