There's something special about staying in a guest room that feels like a welcoming retreat. A well-thought-out space can give that home-away-from-home feeling many people desire when they're somewhere else. While you could certainly just keep it simple with a bed and nightstand, it just doesn’t have the same effect. A little bit of care goes a long way when it comes to creating a space that can make your visitors thoroughly enjoy their stay. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Creating a Welcoming Guest Room Irving Designer Fabric and Decor Store

Keep the Palette Neutral

A bedroom is the most soothing when the palette is grounded with neutrals. For a truly restful space, aim for soft wall colors, such as soft grays, blues, greens, browns, and warm whites which can really create a serene environment. Bright or bold colors are fun and can add drama, but they can over-stimulate the mind, making it hard to drift off to sleep. Rather than put these kinds of colors on the wall, use them in smaller ways like with pillows and throws. 

Focus on the Bed

If you have the means to invest in custom bedding, go for it! Not only will it look great, but your guests will also feel like they're getting the royal treatment. If custom bedding isn't practical, try to find the best bed linens you can afford. Be sure to keep an assortment of pillows handy so everyone will be satisfied.

Another wonderful addition to a bed set is a fabric headboard. While any kind of headboard is a good thing, a fabric headboard gives that touch of luxury— which is just perfect if you’re trying to make your guests comfortable. If you're an avid do-it-yourselfer, Pinterest is full of wonderful ideas and tutorials that can work you step-by-step through the project. Or, consider purchasing one of the hundreds available from any popular home decor store or website. If you'd prefer to have the work done for you, we can take care of it. Be sure to browse our selection of headboards and fabrics. We can cover it in something neutral or in a fabric that matches closely with your bedding.

Provide Privacy Creating a Welcoming Guest Room Irving Decor Uttermost Conder Oval Silver Mirror

An ideal way to bring a room together and provide privacy is by hanging window treatments. When it comes to guest rooms, a key thing to remember is that they usually don’t have the large windows like master bedrooms often have. Because of this, it might be necessary to have custom window treatments made. In addition to ensuring a proper fit for the windows, custom treatments will also ensure that you are getting the exact look you want for the room. When shopping, keep in mind that the right window treatments will allow enough light in during the day while providing ample privacy when needed. It doesn't really matter if you go with draperies or something simpler like Roman shades— window treatments are too important to forget.

Furnish it Appropriately

Having all the right pieces of furniture in the guest room really makes a difference. Of course, you need a bed— but that’s only the beginning. There are several other key pieces that will make the place feel amazing rather than adequate. If you aren’t sure what all you’ll need, simply think about what items might make your stay somewhere more comfortable. Perhaps a nightstand? A lamp? What about storage (closet space, chest of drawers, wall hooks, etc) for your clothing? And then there are simple, yet important items like a mirror and a chair or bench if space allows. While this isn’t a big deal for quick overnight visits, these extra furnishings will definitely come in handy when a friend or family member is staying for several days. 

Remember the Little Details

More often than not, it’s the little details that will leave a lasting impression. A vase bursting with fresh flowers, extra hangers in the closet, some chocolates in the nightstand drawer, a folding luggage stand; robes and slippers… You get the idea. These items aren’t necessary, but they sure are some extra special touches that can make your guest room a prime place to stay. 

If you appreciate thoughtful touches such as these, you know your guests are sure to as well.

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