Contrary to popular belief, not all good things have to come to an end—  at least not when it comes to decorating trends. In fact, every so many years, trends of old make a comeback in a really big way. Here we'll take a look at 6 classic and creative design elements that are back and stronger than ever.

Decorating Trends Making a Comeback Denton Designer Fabric Store

1. Accent Walls

Also known as feature walls, accent walls offer a quick and easy way to liven up the space. And the great thing is that there are several ways that you can create a wall that will really draw some attention. So just what can you do to that fourth wall to make it stand out from the others? 

  • Wallpaper. Paint on the walls is great, but if you want some visual interest, opt for wallpaper. Wallpaper has come a long way and there is a wide variety of options to choose from, including geometric patterns, updated florals, and bold color blocking. Whether you surround yourself with it, or simply focus on a feature wall, wallpaper is a simple and trendy way to update the look of your home. Live somewhere that won’t allow wallpaper? Opt for a more temporary option like fabric. It’s incredibly easy to apply and remove, and it’s just as beautiful as wallpaper. 
  • Barn wood planks. Reclaimed wood walls are an excellent option for an accent wall with the beauty and warmth they offer. While real wood planks are the ideal choice, there are faux options that can be applied to the wall. 
  • Built-in storage. Want to create a feature wall that’s also functional? Put in some built-ins! To make it eye-catching, give it a two-toned paint job. 
  • Tile. Typically, tile is used on a smaller scale like a backsplash. But, depending on the tile, it can make for a really cool feature wall. For example, some plain white floor-to-ceiling hexagonal tiles on a small wall or pillar in the home can make a huge impact. 
  • Shiplap. Thanks to the modern farmhouse design style, shiplap has become a popular choice when it comes to feature walls. Keep it clean and white or go bold with a dark color. Regardless of what you choose, shiplap is a winner. 

2. Retro Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been widely popular for several years now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With that said, retro appliances are starting to make a comeback. From DIY-ers who restore old appliances to companies who reproduce replicas, more homes are sporting items including 1950s-era refrigerators and ancient wood-burning stoves. Retro appliances might seem quirky, but they can be a really fun and beautiful addition to your kitchen. 

3. Geometric Patterns

In all honesty, there’s always room for geometric patterns because they never really go out of style. They do, however, come to the forefront every so many years. This upcoming year is one of those years. Look for geometric patterns in textiles, but also in flooring and wall coverings. The combinations available will allow for a wide array of fun patterns and movements throughout your home decor. Think sleeker, bolder, curvier. The goal is to use geometrics in a fun yet stylish way. 

4. Chrome AccentsDecorating Trends Making a Comeback | Denton Tx Decor + Fabric Store

Over the years we’ve seen brass and bronze trending in finishes appearing in everything from lamp fixtures to cabinet hardware to chair legs. While both of those are still beautiful (and acceptable) choices, a new kind of shine will be taking center stage: chrome. Think back to the 1950s or the Art Deco era when chrome and steel were the dominant metals in design. Just as it was beautiful then, it’s even more beautiful now with the abundant choices available. 

5. Globe Pendant Lights

Lighting trends have come a long way over the years. With so many choices available, it’s incredibly easy to find something to work with any design style. One specific type of lighting that’s making a comeback is globe pendant lights. And why shouldn’t it? If anything, this round shape is a timeless go-to especially if you opt for a colored, frosted, or handblown glass globe that will create the perfect glow and ambiance. 

6. Bamboo, Rattan, and Wicker

Have you taken a good look at indoor-outdoor furniture lately? If so, you may have noticed that it’s often made of bamboo, rattan, or wicker. And with good reason! There’s a certain charm about those materials, which makes it ideal to incorporate a piece or two into your home. While we often think of these materials sequestered to the outdoors, expect to see them embraced by the indoors. Bar stools, headboards, and storage pieces like chests or side tables are all easy and stylish ways to add just the right touch to your existing decor. 

Remember, not all trends are for everyone, but if you've read about something you like, go for it!  Whether you go big or go small, incorporate the trend in a way that makes you happy. When you are looking for upholstery fabric near you, stop by one of our Cutting Corners locations for great deals on discount designer fabrics. You will find something for every home interior project from gorgeous drapery fabrics to lightweight cottons and luxurious Dupioni Silks.