As the name implies, the living room is easily one of the most important rooms in our homes. It’s often the room that’s seen first by guests, therefore, it’s typically one of the first rooms we focus on when decorating. Speaking of decorating, in regards to living rooms, what’s best? Formal, informal, or both? And what really makes a formal and informal living area different in the first place? Several different factors, actually. Keep on reading to find out what those are. 

Differentiating Decorating For a Formal and Informal Living Room DFW Fabric Shop

1. Purpose

Determining the purpose of your living room is the first step. In other words, who are the main people you will be entertaining? 

If primarily people outside the home, a formal living room may be the best way to go. In this scenario, everything within the room— furniture, electronics, lighting, flooring, decor— will need to be picked out carefully in order to impose a lasting impression on whoever walks through your front door. 

If the room only needs to keep family members entertained and comfortable, then informal is it. In this scenario, the living room should have a great focus on incorporating anything that pleases all members involved. This, of course, gives you more freedom to head in a whimsical direction to create a comfortable, multipurpose space for the whole family where the gathering together is cherished and memories can be made.

2. Location

If you’re fortunate enough to have two spaces that can serve as a living room, consider having both in your home (unless you could really use that additional space for something else). If you decide to create both a formal and an informal living room, it’s important to know where they are best located. 

While there is no set rule, formal living rooms are typically found near the entry of the house since that’s where guests will enter. Informal living rooms, on the other hand, are generally located deeper within the house, often near the kitchen or by a door that leads to the backyard. 

3. Decor

Themes, concepts, and statement-making pieces— these terms are what typically apply to a formal living room. A formal space is more likely to be designed in the most lavish and beautiful way. Family heirlooms, paintings, classy plants, and classic decor themes (think all white, neutral, open space, traditional, nautical, ethnic, royal) tend to frequent formal living rooms, while informal rooms might not be quite as put together. Again, their focus is to provide a comfortable and entertaining environment for the members of the family within the home, which might include flea market finds, family photos, children’s artwork, hand-picked flowers in mason jars, and a more eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures. 

Cutting Corners For All Types of Living Rooms

Whether you have a formal living room, informal living room, or both, we have just what you need. When the time comes to piece your room together, stop by the showroom to browse through our gorgeous discount designer fabrics that work with all types of living rooms. And, let’s not forget about our decor. With so many accessories to choose from, your living space will be functional, beautiful, and perfect for your needs.