How to Begin a Home Decorating Project Plano

Decorating a home can be overwhelming to an avid do-it-yourselfer, but it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. The hard part is usually figuring out where to begin. Once you get over that initial step, the rest will fall into place. By taking a deep breath, pacing yourself and following these tips, you can give your home the facelift you desire, without the stress.

Tip #1: Consider your budget

This is probably the area that gets most people in trouble whether it’s through over-budgeting or under-budgeting. Will the majority of your money go towards furnishings? Fabrics? Accents? It’s important that you seriously think through how much you can spend and where your money will be allocated before you start the project.

Tip #2: Determine your style

You can’t really begin a home decorating project unless you know what your style is. Are you casual or formal? Do you like traditional, modern, shabby chic, cottage, country, or something completely different? What color schemes are you most drawn to? Take time to find elements you love so there won’t be any confusion as to the direction of your design.

Tip #3: Examine the room

The best way to evaluate the room is to clear it of clutter. Exposing the room by removing things such as furnishings, window treatments and artwork, make it easier to see the positives and the negatives within the space. Take time to examine the walls, floors, ceilings, windows and woodwork to see if anything needs to be fixed or replaced.

Tip #4: Put a plan in writing

There’s no doubt your head is swimming with ideas, but they aren’t much good if you can’t keep track of them all. A good rule of thumb is to write down everything you have in mind in regards to your decorating project. Plans can be changed, but it really helps to take the thoughts you have and put them in writing.

Tip #5: Don’t neglect what you already have

Often times, homeowners have elements within the house that aren’t ready to go. Whether it’s carpet, countertops, architectural features or furnishings, take a look at what still has life in it and give it some TLC. Sure, it might be nice to buy all new pieces, but for most people, that’s not realistic. Instead, give pieces a facelift with a good cleaning, a sanding and staining, a coat of paint, or something of the like.

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