Without a doubt, window treatments are the pièce de résistance to the decor of a home. Not only are they functional in controlling light and temperature, they round off the design in a way that not much else can. While a simple shade or pair of drapery panels can look nice, layering your treatments will make a much bigger impact and give you a designer look.

So Many Options!

The great thing is that there are plenty of options available. Window treatments come in a wide variety--sheers, drapes, blinds, valances, window scarves and shades. The best part is that you don't have to pick just one! Keep reading to learn some of the combinations you have when it comes to layering window treatments.

1. Drapes + Sheers

The drape-sheer combination is not only practical--it's easy! All you need is a double curtain rod to layer sheer curtains behind heavier drapery panels. Sheers let the light in while still maintaining a level a privacy. Thicker drapery panels offer additional privacy and also give the space a pop of pattern and/or color. If you have a space that requires more light than it does privacy, you can even layer sheers with colored sheers.

2. Curtains + Shades

Shades come in so many textures, patterns, and colors that they can easily stand alone--but layer them with curtains or long drapery panels, and you'll instantly have eye-catching depth. If you like texture, choose a woven wood shade. For a softer look, a fabric shade is an ideal choice. You can also achieve the same effect by layering curtains over blinds. Tip: Hanging the curtains closer to the ceiling will give the illusion of height.

3. Curtains + Valances

Valances are a length of decorative drapery that sits atop the window treatment. They are often used to cover the curtain fittings. Depending on your style, valances can be tailored or casual. For a more romantic feel, opt for window scarves. Tip: The curtains and valances don't have to match but they should complement each other. To ensure a cohesive look, tie the two together with a coordinating color.

Be sure to stop in or browse our fabric selection online when you decide to dress your windows. We have several options that are perfect for custom, layered treatments, which include lightweight fabrics, multi-purpose fabrics, and even drapery lining. And don't forget the hardware--another essential part of finishing off your windows. Ready to visit us in store? We'll be happy to help you find the perfect drapery fabrics at our Dallas, Tx showroom!